What Is Your Rating Of The Year 2016?

2016 was a wild year, that's for sure. Was it too wild for you, or just wild enough? Take this quiz to find out what you would rate the year 2016!

Question 1/10
Finish the sentence: 2016 was like...
A big ugly monster
Seeing an old friend again
The same old, same old
A wonderful adventure

Question 2/10
Were you in love in 2016?
No, but I liked someone
Yes, but I had my heart broken too

Question 3/10
Did 2016 go by quickly or slowly for you?

Question 4/10
Did you make new friends in 2016?
No, but I did lose friends

Question 5/10
Something unlucky happens to you (in 2016). How surprise are you?
Very, I never have bad luck
A little, I have about as much bad luck as good luck
Not at all, this whole year has been unlucky
Not at all, I am always a klutz

Question 6/10
Was work/school harder or easier in 2016 compared to the years before?
It was harder
It was easier
It was about the same
I did not go to work or school
I lost my job or left school this year

Question 7/10
Pick one of these words to describe how you felt most often in 2016.

Question 8/10
How often did you cry in 2016?
Less than once a month
At least once a month
At least once a week
More than once a week

Question 9/10
You find beautiful flowers on your desk. What is your first thought?
They must be from my partner or a secret admirer
My friends or family member must be giving them to be for a present
Whoever put them there must have put them on the wrong desk

Question 10/10
Did 2016 leave you feeling optimistic about 2017?
No, it's all downhill from here
Yes, but only because it can't get any worse
2016 was a perfect year for you! Everything that you could have ever dreamed of happened, and you managed to avoid any tragic events. Hopefully, things just keep looking up for you, and all years can be as great as 2016 was for you!

2016 was a pretty great year for you, even it is wasn't exactly a perfect year. There were more ups than downs, and that's all a person can hope for. You can work hard to make 2017 a 5/5 year. Any year can be perfect, all you need to do is make it so.

2016 was an average year for you. There was a mix of good and bad things that happened to you, but in the end, they seemed to balance themselves out. The good news is that it shouldn't be hard to make 2017 and the years to come even better than this one.

Let's be honest here, 2016 wasn't that great of a year for you, and you would be sure to give it a poor rating. More bad than good happened, and it wasn't very pretty. The good news is that it will take very little effort to make the years to come better than this one.

This year stunk for you. If you could rate it a 0/5, you probably would. This year was tangled in bad news more often than it should have been. All of this probably took a toll on you. Luckily, it's nearly impossible for next year to be as bad as 2016. It's all looking up from here!