What Is Your Subconscious Place Of Birth?

Have you ever felt like you were meant to be born in a totally different state?

Question 1/10
What type of weather do you like most?
Sunny with perfect temperature
Hot and humid
Hot but not humid
I'm fine with any weather

Question 2/10
How are you with crowds of people?
I can't stand to be around crowds
I can tolerate them
I love crowds

Question 3/10
Are you a fan of city life?
Not at all
Maybe a small city or town

Question 4/10
What sounds good to you right now?
Pulled pork
Fish and chips

Question 5/10
Would you prefer the people in your state to be close knit or to keep to themselves?
Id prefer close knit
To keep to themselves
I'm fine with either

Question 6/10
Is it more important for you to be surrounded by nature or buildings?
I don't care

Question 7/10
What's your preferred type of natural environment?

Question 8/10
Would you like a lot of tourism in your state?
Absolutely not
I don't care
I'd like it

Question 9/10
What speed do you tend to spend your life at?
I'm always in a rush
I like to stop and smell the roses
It depends

Question 10/10
Which place would you rather live in?
Suburban home
While this state may be made up of more than just a city, the adventures and dreams of that city is what it's known for best. You feel like this was the state meant for you. You love the hustle and bustle of the everyday life and you seek a challenge in your life. This state is constantly growing and changing, just like you.

New York
This state is known for it's beautiful nature that just appeals to the adventurous side of you. This is the state that you feel like you were meant to be born in and to explore. There's nothing better to you than fishing in the lakes or hiking desolate trails.

This state known for it's southern hospitality is where you feel you should've been born. The south is known for minding their manners and respecting each other so you'd feel more than welcome. You'd have no problem intertwining with the culture of the state. This warm state is where you were surely meant to be.

You are a dreamer which is why this state is where you should have been born. With all the culture and excitement the state has to offer, you'd surely keep learning each day. While you tend to be ambitious, you also have a laid-back side to you. This is a state where you can easily sit back and relax when needed.

This cold and isolated state is where you feel you should have been born. You're not one for being surrounded by people so you'd love to be able to get away when needed. You love a good challenge and this state certainly provides that for you. While it may be cold, this state is also absolutely beautiful.