What Is Your Unique Contribution To The World?

Everyone contributes something unique to the world, but what do you contribute that makes you so special? Ready to find out? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover what you're really giving to the world!

Question 1/10
What's your ideal vacation?
A week at a fancy spa
Anything spontaneous or out of the ordinary
A beach trip
A week exploring Europe
Camping or doing something outside

Question 2/10
Who taught you the most in life?
My parents
My favorite teacher
My friends
My pet
My religious leader

Question 3/10
Which is most important to you?
Telling the truth
Caring for others
Finding peace
Making people laugh
Learning new things

Question 4/10
What element are you drawn to?

Question 5/10
What kind of person are you most attracted to?
Someone shy and reserved
Someone making others laugh
The smartest person in the room
Anyone artsy and creative
Someone with kind eyes

Question 6/10
Which animal is your favorite?

Question 7/10
When do you feel the happiest?
When I'm with family
When reading a good book
Around a big group of friends
When helping other people
When making others laugh

Question 8/10
How do others describe you?
Level headed

Question 9/10
What would you like more of?

Question 10/10
Your friends will always know to call you when they need someone who will:
Lend a hand
Lighten the mood
Offer advice
Calm them down
Go on an adventure
Your unique contribution to the world is being kind and warm towards everyone you meet! You do your absolute best to treat everyone as you'd like to be treated. You regularly thank janitors for picking up trash, servers for bringing great food, and servicemen for giving their time for freedom. You are kind to people not only because it's the right thing to do, but because you love seeing others feel good and happy about their own role in the world. You're a special person who changes the world simply by opening up your heart.

You're Kind To Everyone You Meet
Your unique contribution to the world is making others laugh! It takes a special type of person to dedicate themselves to putting on a smile on other people's faces. You live to make others feel joy and happiness, even if it's through something as simple as a joke or observation. When others feel good, you feel good too!

You Love To Make Others Laugh
Your unique contribution to the world is being a voice for the voiceless. You're the type who always champions the underdog and seeks to make sure everyone is heard and taken care of. You know that not all people have the same opportunities in life, so you always try to lessen the gap between those who have a lot and those who have a little.

You Fight For The Underdog
Your unique contribution to the world is inspiring others through your intelligence! You believe that knowledge is power and in dedicating yourself to being a well rounded person, you're making the world a better place. You inspire others with your drive, ambition, and dedication!

You Inspire With Your Intelligence
Your unique contribution to the world is being creative and visionary! Some people can only see the world in black and white, but you see very color of the rainbow. You seek to bring beauty and happiness wherever you go, even if it's through a drawing or painting. You don't see the world like everyone else and that's what makes you so remarkable!

You're A Creative Visionary