What Kind Of Anti-Social Are You?

Everyone feels a little anti-social every now and then! After all, what's wrong with some alone time to relax and recharge? Yet, some of us are way more anti-social than others. What kind of anti-social are you? Do you avoid people like the plague? Hit start and discover your true anti-social self today!

Question 1/10
You are at a party and you don't know anybody. What would you do?
Find the host and talk to them.
Grab a drink and then another.
Pull out my phone to start scrolling.

Question 2/10
It's 6 PM on a Friday and your phone is ringing. Are you going to answer?
Probably, I usually answer my phone.
Not a chance, this is me-time.
I'll let them leave a message first.

Question 3/10
There's a new movie out that you really want to see. Would you go alone?
Of course, why wouldn't I?
Yes, but only to a matinee.
Nope, I'll wait for a friend or loved one.

Question 4/10
Which kind of party would you most like to attend?
A small intimate gathering.
A house party
A party of one.

Question 5/10
Are you currently in a relationship?
Yes, with my Netflix account.
Yes, and it's great.
Nope, not right now.

Question 6/10
You have a job in a store. What task do you enjoy most?
Stocking shelves.
Anything in the back room.
Ringing people up.

Question 7/10
Do you feel relieved when a friend cancels your dinner plans together?
It depends on the friend.
It depends on my mood.
Absolutely, 100% pure relief.

Question 8/10
When do you pick up your mail and/or newspaper?
When the coast is clear of neighbors.
Whenever I get the chance.
When there are other people around to chat with.

Question 9/10
Be honest: Are you afraid of being rejected by someone?
Yes, rejection sucks!
Not really, no.
Every now and then.

Question 10/10
Whom do you talk to most?
My friends or coworkers
My pet
You would literally climb a mountain if it meant getting away from every trace of human kind. You're the type of anti-social who avoids others at all costs when you want some alone time. You'll ignore phone calls, pretend to not read emails and even fake an illness; all at the benefit of just being alone!

The Avoid-at-all-costs Anti-social Person
You're the "any random excuse" anti-social person! When you want to be alone, you want to be alone. There's nothing anyone is going to do that will change your mind. This is when your creativity comes into play. You've got a whole handbook of excuses not to see other people and you're not afraid to use them.

The Random Excuse Anti-social Person
You're the sporadic anti-social person! For the most part, you love to be around people and are a totally well adjusted person. However, there are moments in your life when all you really want is to be alone. When this happens, you tend to withdraw from everyone else and retreat into your own private cocoon for some much needed alone time.

The Sporadic Anti-social Person