What Kind Of Blind Date Suits You?

Blind dates can be a bit nerve wracking, especially if you don't even have the slightest inkling of what's in store. Do you know what kind of blind date suits you? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
Do you consider yourself to be an introvert or an extrovert?
A mix of both

Question 2/10
What's the most awkward thing that can happen on a date?
Running out of things to say
Not being intellectually compatible
Embarrassing myself
Not being able to feel out how it's going
Your date being too intense

Question 3/10
What word would your friends use to describe you?

Question 4/10
On date, do you tend to ramble or are you more of an observer?
I like to talk and listen equally

Question 5/10
Which quality is most important to you in a mate?
Physical looks
Sense of humor

Question 6/10
If you weren't sure how someone felt about you, what would you do?
Ask them outright
Steer the conversation that way
Try to decipher body language
Do nothing and panic

Question 7/10
If your blind date was a total dud, what would you do?
Tell them it's not working out and leave
Muddle through the rest of the date
Ask them how they thought it was going
Say nothing and hope things turn around

Question 8/10
The best way for a date to end is......
With a kiss
With a hug
With a promise to see each other again
With a second date in tact
It depends on how it went

Question 9/10
If a date was going badly, would you text a friend to bail you out?
No way that's rude
How bad is the date going again?

Question 10/10
What kind of relationship are you looking for?
Fun and flirty
Serious and committed
I'm not sure yet
The blind date that best suits you is dinner and a movie! Why is this the perfect choice? Because the movie will take some of the pressure off of talking for a bit and it will also give you something to talk about over dinner. This date is perfect for a shy introvert like yourself who needs a little time to feel out the situation.

Dinner And A Movie
The blind date that best suits you is an art showing! As someone who values creativity and intellect, you love to show off your wit and intelligence on a first date. You also like to feel out if your date shares these interests as we.. An art showing is the perfect way for you and your date to connect over a shared interest and get to know each other on a deeper level.

Art Showing
The blind date that best suits you is go karts and bowling! Blind dates can be a bit unnerving, why not take some of the pressure of the situation by having fun? Doing an activity not only bonds you to your date but it removes all of the stuffiness and formality that can accompany a first date.

Go Karts And Bowling
The blind date that best suits you is drinks and Netflix! You're a quiet person who loves to stay in and watch a good movie. To you, there's nothing more relaxing than hitting the bar for a few drinks and then settling down for cuddles and a movie.

Drinks And Netflix
The blind date that best suits you is coffee and a stroll! You don't like to get too serious too fast, which is why this low key date will allow you to feel out your potential mate without a great deal of commitment. Coffee leaves the door open for more, but it can also be a good closer if things aren't going well.

Coffee And A Stroll