What Kind Of Dating Expert Are You?

Which area do you specialize in?

Question 1/10
Are you usually good at matching up friends?
No, I can't usually find them a good match
I can find them a match all the time

Question 2/10
What do you think is most important on a first date?
Being attentive
Having a spark
Being romantic
Having a great conversation
I'm not sure

Question 3/10
What do you think is the best way to meet a potential date?
At class
During the gym
At work
By mutual friends

Question 4/10
Would you say you're good at giving advice?
Not at all
Yes I am
I'm unsure

Question 5/10
Do you believe that unless the first date has a spark, that it won't work out?
Not at all

Question 6/10
What do you believe is important to make a relationship work?

Question 7/10
If someone hits an awkward moment during their first date, what do you advise they should do?
Try to ride it out
Tell a good joke to relieve the tension
Give a flirty compliment to break the tension
I'm not too sure

Question 8/10
What do you notice first about people?
Their facial expression
Their body language
Their emotions
The way they talk
The way they hold themselves

Question 9/10
Would you advise to kiss on the first date?
If it went well then yes
Of course
It's best to wait a few dates
Only if there is a spark

Question 10/10
What advice do you usually give a friend when they spot someone cute?
To go chat them up
To go flirt with them
Just talk about how cute they are
I'm not sure
You are a dating expert that focuses on the social skills of any situation. You know that if someone has great communication and listening skills that their relationship will go far.

Social Skills
You know that a bit of flirting here or there is how to catch anyone. You know that if someone playfully flirts that they'll most likely successor in securing a date.

Flirting Expert
You focus on the psychology part of a relationship. You try to help others understand the mental functions and social behaviors of an individual.

You are someone who focuses on the social behavior of an individual or group. Knowing how they function can help you give great tips.

You choose to focus on the compatibility of the individuals. You feel that if two people don't get along well then it most likely won't succeed.