What Kind Of Dog Parent Are You?

Being the parent to a dog is one of life's most rewarding pleasures. We all love our pets to death, but do you take it too far? What kind of dog parent are you really? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
How many dogs do you currently have?
Just one
Four or more

Question 2/10
On a scale of one to ten, how active are you every day?

Question 3/10
How did your dog earn its name?
Off of a box of cereal
From my favorite TV/book character
It was entirely random

Question 4/10
Do you like to show off your dog on social media?
As often as I can
Every now and then

Question 5/10
What is your favorite part of owning a dog?
The unconditional love
The companionship
The attention I get because of it
The cuddles

Question 6/10
Be honest, do you always clean up after your pup?
I don't always fulfill my duties

Question 7/10
Do you mind when other people stop to pet your dog?

Question 8/10
Which accessory could we find your dog rocking?
Bow tie or scarf
Full on outfit
Just a collar

Question 9/10
What kind of food do you buy your dog?
The premium kind from upscale pet stores
Whatever is at the gorcery store
I cook all of his food for him

Question 10/10
How many years have you had your dog?
1 year or less
Around 2 years
3 years
4+ years
Based on your results you are a hipster dog mom! Your dog is a breed that no one's ever heard of and is constantly adorned with a scarf or a bow tie. You love your dog the way you would love your own child, in fact,your consider never having children just so you can spend more time with your dog!

Hipster Dog Mom
Based on the results of this quiz, you are a diva dog mom! You want only the best in life for your precious little pooch. From delicious whole foods eaten out of crystal bowels, to that collar you had imported from France. Your little fur baby is your entire world and you don't mind showing it!

Diva Dog Mom
Based on the results of your quiz, you area dependable dog mom! You're sweet, compassionate, quiet, and loyal. You love your dog more than just about anything. While you may not be into the crazy outfits or hair barettes that some dog moms are, you show your passion for your dog by simply having fun with your pooch and giving all the love you have to give.

The Dependable Dog Mom
Based on the results of this quiz, you are an active and on the go dog mom! You're alwyas embarking on some kind of new adventure with your dog at your side. You love nature, hiking, and traveling. Your favorite companion on every journey? Your pooch of course!

Active And On The Go Dog Mom
Unfortunately, your pet can leave you feeling a bit frazzled at times! While you would do anything for your furry friend, they can often leave you ripping your hair out at the end of the day. Hey, love isn't always easy!

Frazzled Dog Mom