What Kind of Facebook Friend Are You?

We all use Facebook, but what kind of Facebook friend are you really? This quiz will reveal how your friends see you on Facebook. Take these 10 questions and find out who you really are!

Question 1/10
Is it ever a good idea to post about your political beliefs on Facebook?
That's what Facebook is for!
It depends on the the topic
Only if you know others agree with you
It's never a good idea
It depends on how far you go

Question 2/10
For every photo you post, how many are selfies?
1 in 5
2 in 5
3 in 5
4 in 5
5 in 5

Question 3/10
Do you currently have any children under 5?
My kids are older

Question 4/10
What image do you have on your phone's lock screen?
My kids
My pets
My significant other
My friends
A landscape

Question 5/10
How often do you go on Facebook?
Multiple times a day
Once a day
Every few days

Question 6/10
How many pets do you currently own?
0 or 1
2 or 3
4 or 5
6 or more

Question 7/10
How do you feel about PDA on the internet?
It's pretty inappropriate
It's romantic
It's okay in small doses
It's only okay when you're trying to make someone jealous
It's never okay

Question 8/10
Where can you be found on a Friday night?
At home with family
Out at the bar
At the movies
Hanging at a friend's house
It depends

Question 9/10
Do you tend to vent your problems on Facebook?
I do this everyday
I do this sometimes
I never do this

Question 10/10
What do you mainly do on Facebook?
Comment and catch up with friends
Post about politics
Post photos
You're the kind of Facebook friend who loves to tag everyone in every photo. Even if your friends aren't in the photo you're posting, you find a reason to tag them. You find it be a fun joke, but your friends might not be laughing just yet!

The Incessant Tagger
You're the politician friend on Facebook! You love to post about politics, current events, and anything controversial happening in the world. In other words, you love to rile up a good discussion and see who agrees with your opinions.

The Politician
You're the classic Facebook selfie poster! You love to take a good selfie and share it with the world. You're confident, artistic, and always looking to share your day with others. Remember, while selfies are awesome, you can take photos without yourself in them!

The Selfie Poster
You're a classic Facebook venter! There are few places that you vent more than on Facebook. Perhaps its because you have the widest audience for airing your grievances. You love the instant feedback and support that you garner when posting your troubles on Facebook.

The Venter
You're a classic proud Mama on Facebook! You're feed is mostly filled with pictures of your kids and day to day life as a mom. You love to boast about your kid's milestones, achievements, and everyday moments that fill you with joy.

The Proud Mama