What Kind Of Friend Are You?

Ever wonder what type of friend you may be?

Question 1/10
What do you do when a friend comes crying to you?
Hug them and comfort them
Let them know it will be alright
Give them a shoulder to cry on
Let them know that this will all blow over
Give them tough love

Question 2/10
When do your friends usually call you?
They don't need a reason
When they are upset
When they are hungry
When they need advice
When they feel unmotivated

Question 3/10
What plans do you enjoy most with friends?
At one of homes just hanging out
Going to the movies
Doing something wild

Question 4/10
Are you able to keep secrets?
Depends on the secret
Not usually
Yes I can

Question 5/10
What do you usually reminisce about with friends?
Childhood memories
Our love lives
Stupid things we did in the past
Hilarious inside jokes

Question 6/10
Which word fits you best?

Question 7/10
How do you usually spend your free time?
With my family
I have no free time
It depends
Going outdoors

Question 8/10
How would you feel if your best friend dated someone you couldn't stand?
Be upfront with them
Just brush it off
Try to give them a chance
They wouldn't date someone I wasn't okay with
I'm not sure

Question 9/10
How do you and your friends stay in touch?
Talking on the phone
Text messaging

Question 10/10
What do you and your friends mostly talk about?
Different things
You are someone who is known as the solid foundation in the friendship. You and your friends have laid ground for a friendship that's unbreakable.

The Rock
No matter what the issue is, you are always there to listen do your friends. You listen without judgement and let them vent to their heart's content.

Shoulder To Cry On
You are known as the mom of the group. You are the type of friend to make sure your friends are fed or are warm. You are a affectionate and doting person.

The Matriarch
You are someone who makes sure to always give the honest truth. You are the friend they go to when they need advice to help them make the right decisions.

Honest Confidant
You help inspire your friends to reach their dreams. When they are feeling down, you are able to guide them through it and help boost their self-confidence

Sensible Mentor