What Kind Of Hero Are You?

What kind of hero are you? Are you one to help out the needy by putting out fires, or by donating money or food? Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. You don't need a cape to be one. Take this quiz to find out what kind of hero you are.

Question 1/10
How often do you volunteer?
At least once a week
At least once a month
At least once a year
Less than once a year

Question 2/10
Which of these are you the best at?
Cleaning and organizing
Cooking and baking
Public speaking
Exercising and staying fit

Question 3/10
Do you have a pet?
No, but I want one

Question 4/10
Do you think you could be a better person?
No, I'm already great
Yes, everyone can improve themselves
No, it would be too hard to improve myself

Question 5/10
Are you happy with your country's government at the moment
The government is great
The government is okay
The government is terrible

Question 6/10
There is a natural disaster hundreds of miles away from you. What do you do?
Visit to help people in need
Donate to help people in need
Do nothing

Question 7/10
How often to you donate to charities or other good causes?
At least once a week
At least once a month
At least once a year
Less than once a year

Question 8/10
Have you ever visited your local animal shelter?
Yes, and I've adopted from them
Yes, and I've volunteered there
No, but I would like to visit
No, and I don't want to visit

Question 9/10
Who are you willing to help if they are in need
Family members
All of the above

Question 10/10
Are you willing to rally for change
It depends on how dangerous it would be
You are a superhero, or you might as well be. You do everything you can to help those around you. From picking up trash to help the environment, to helping a stranger in need. The world needs more heroes like you!

You Are A Superhero
You are a small town hero. You help when you can in your community. You do your best to show up to charity events and you donate or help out when you can. Your small actions can help to make a big difference to those in need.

You Are A Small Town Hero
People often forget about the little guy, and more people forget about the furry guys, but not you. You take care of all of the animals you meet, and often help out at your local animal shelter. You are a protector and friends to dogs, cats, and other pets everywhere!

You Are A Hero To Animals Everywhere
You may not be a hero yet, but you are working on it. You don't need to do anything crazy to become a hero. Helping out others in need is a great way to become a hero. You can to anything from volunteering at a soup kitchen to cleaning up your local park.

You Are A Hero In Training
The world gets a little crazier every day. New laws are being made, deals are being struck, and movements are being made that work against minorities and others in need. You won't stand by to watch that happen. You will do what you can to avoid terrible change and promote great change!

You Are A Proesting Hero