What Kind Of Love Do You Believe In?

When you love a person, how exactly do you love?

Question 1/10
What are your thoughts on marriage?
Not something for me
I imagine the perfect partner to settle down with
I know the right person will come along eventually
It's something exciting

Question 2/10
What is romance to you?
A way to grow stronger with your partner
A fun and exciting ride
Is part of a rounded life

Question 3/10
How have your dating experiences been?
Have taught me a lot
They were a pretty good time

Question 4/10
Do you make friends easily?
Not at all
I would say so

Question 5/10
You usually tell your romantic partner:
Only what they want to hear
Most of the important things
Nothing about my past

Question 6/10
How do you usually feel seeing a happy couple?
Nothing really

Question 7/10
What do you enjoy doing on dates?
Something classic like going to a dinner and movie
Something exciting
Something at home

Question 8/10
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Of course not
Yes I do
I'm unsure

Question 9/10
How important is it for your significant other to get along with your family?
Very important
Not really important
I don't really mind if they do or don't

Question 10/10
Your favorite part about your romantic partner is:
Their looks
Their personality
I'm not too sure
The love you believe in is one that is a strong unconditional love that looks beyond outer beauty. You accept the person for who they truly are, flaws and all.

Agape Love
You believe in a love that is sweeter and pure. It's the kind of love which makes you want to befriend someone and livens up agape love.

Phileo Love
You believe in a strong love for friends and family. In certain instances, the friendship may turn to romantic interest and then a relationship between best friends. A love that is committed, sacrificial and makes you feel secure and comfortable.

Storage Love
You believe in a love that is passionate and wild. A love that triggers romantic feelings and is usually the type of love to cause such intense feelings in the beginning of a relationship.

Eros Love