What Kind Of Mom Friend Are You?

Before you were an actual mother, you were the mom of your friend group. Do you know what kind of mom friend you are and (were)? Let's find out just how motherly you've always been!

Question 1/10
Have you always wanted to be a mother?
I can't remember

Question 2/10
Which TV Mom do you most want to be like?
Lorelai Gilmore
Carol Brady
Marion Cunningham
Jill Taylor
Roseanne Connor

Question 3/10
Your best friend just had her heart broken in two. What do you do?
I remind them just how amazing they are
I lend them a shoulder to cry on
I take them out on the town
I bake them cookies and host a girl's only night
I seek revenge on the person who broke her heart

Question 4/10
Your bestie is feeling bad about her appearance, you remind her that....
She's beautiful inside and out
That it's whats inside that counts
That she needs to love herself for exactly who she is today
I take her for a spa day

Question 5/10
When someone hurts one of your friends, you reaction is to....
Exact revenge
Key their car
Practice empathy
Console my friend
Reach out to both parties

Question 6/10
What's your go to movie snack?
Ice cream
Homemade cookies

Question 7/10
Are you a good listener?
I'm the best
I'm okay
I have a tendency to zone out

Question 8/10
What do your friends typically want advice on?
Personal growth

Question 9/10
What color are your Mom jeans?
Dark blue
Light blue

Question 10/10
When a friend or loved one is feeling stressed, you offer...
A personal pep rally
You've always been the worried mom! Both in motherhood and in friendship, you have always been the type to worry about the safety and happiness of everyone else. The problems of those you love, almost always become your problems too.

The Worried Mom
You've always been the supportive mom friend. Both in motherhood and friendship, you've always been the supportive pillar that everyone can lean on. You're sage, open, and empathetic. You know just the right things to say to soothe a bruised ego or a broken heart.

The Supportive Mom
You're the fun mom friend! Both in motherhood and friendship, you've always been the fun type. Not only is everyone else's happiness as important as yours, but you're always looking to ensure that everyone you love is having fun.

The Fun Mom
You're the wise mom friend! Both in motherhood and in friendship, you've always been the wise mother. Friends and loved ones have always come to you for advice, reassurance, and just some insight on life's problems. You always know the right thing to say.

The Wise Mom
You're the overachieving mom friend! Both in motherhood and friendship, you're the overachiever mom. Why buy cookies when you can bake them? Why buy a scarf when you can knit it? These are principles you live by. In your opinion, going the extra mile to make someone's day is always worth the time and effort.

The Overachiever Mom