What Kind Of Party Hostess Are You?

According to studies, there are three distinct types of party hostesses in the world. Do you know which type you are? Answer these 10 quiz questions about this fictional party and we'll determine which of the three hostess types you're most like. Are you really as good at hosting as you think? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
How do you greet your guests at the door?
With a warm smile and a drink.
With a big bear hug.
With a smile and a wave.

Question 2/10
Are most of your parties inside or outside?
Inside, it's easier to plan.
Outside, way more relaxed.
It depends on the time of year.

Question 3/10
When prepping for a party, do you follow a to-do list?
Absolutely, I don't want to forget anything!
Somewhat, but if I forget something, no big deal.
Nope, I just kind of go with the flow.

Question 4/10
Do you typically use paper plats at parties?
No, I pull out the China..
Only at barbecues or outdoor events.
Pretty much every time. I don't want to wash dishes after!

Question 5/10
Let's get into some situations. One of your guests has clogged the main-floor bathroom toilet. What do you do?
Put an out of order sign on the door.
Make an announcement and seek the culprit.
Try to plunge it myself.

Question 6/10
A friend brings her large dog to your barbecue. The dog is knocking children over and snatching food out of people’s hands. What do you do?
Ask them to leash the dog in the garage until it calms down.
Insist she put the dog in her car or leave.
Give the dog some treats and a bowl of water.

Question 7/10
Two of your friends get into a heated argument while discussing politics. What do you do?
Break it up and tell them to agree to disagree.
Stick up for whoever you think is right.
Ask one of them to assist you in the kitchen to cool things down.

Question 8/10
There are an odd number of children at your daughter’s birthday party. When the kids pair off for a game, one little boy is left alone. What do you do?
Have the kids take turns being the odd one out.
Remind the boy that life isn't always fair.
Partner up with the boy and have a good time.

Question 9/10
One of your guest's children has knocked over a vase and broken it. The Mom doesn't say anything. What do you do?
Mention to the parents that she broke the vase.
Try to elicit a confession by making things awkward.
Discreetly pick up the pieces and move on, it's just a vase.

Question 10/10
On the average day you would best describe your life as...
Organized chaos.
Streamlined bliss.
A free for all of fun.
You're the sensible hostess! You're a very practical and level-headed host who is not easily frazzled or stressed out. When you entertain, you simply focus on the occasion and complete most of the prep work yourself. Keeping up with tradition is important to you, but when things don't go as plan, you always seem to have a back up.

The Sensible Hostess
You're the bold hostess! To you, entertaining is as much about being in the spotlight as making sure everyone else has a good time. You like the attention that comes with playing hostess, which is why you always have a flair for the extravagant. You like big themes and even bigger guest lists. When things don't go as planned, you simply hit reset and do things in your own over the top way.

The Bold Hostess
You're the truly loving hostess! To you, hosting is as much about making your guests feel right at home as it is making a good impression. Always compassionate and warm, you love intimate gatherings where conversation is the focus. You always encourage pot luck style dinners where everyone can bring a dish and people feel free to pick and choose. When something goes wrong, you don't get upset or lash out. Instead, you keep your cool and make sure your guest's feelings come first.

The Loving Hostess