What Kind Of Personality Should Your Future Husband Have?

Not all personality types perfectly mesh. Do you know what kind of personality your future husband should possess? Maybe the results won't be quite what you think! Take this quiz and find out which personality your future beau will have!

Question 1/10
Do you consider yourself to be very sensitive?
I'm extremely sensitive
I'm somewhat sensitive
I'm not very sensitive

Question 2/10
What do you most need at the end of a long day?
A partner who will cook dinner
A partner who will let me vent
A partner who picks up the slack

Question 3/10
What trait turns you on most in a man?
Sense of wonder
Ability to fix things

Question 4/10
What matters to you on a first date?
An emotional connection
Lots of laughs
Having a lot in common
A physical connection

Question 5/10
Which male trait is a definite deal breaker?
Not having a sense of humor
Lack of sensitivity
Lack of confidence

Question 6/10
What do you believe is the key to a lasting relationship?
Passion and romance
Mutual interests
Keeping things fresh
Commitment and dedication

Question 7/10
What do you believe should never compromise a relationship?
Social status
Personal freedom

Question 8/10
Why didn't your previous relationships work out?
My partner was insensitive
My partner was a bit lazy
There wasn't any passion
I didn't feel taken care of

Question 9/10
How do you fall in love?
With my mind
With my heart
With my body

Question 10/10
How do you approach conflict?
I avoid conflict
I meet it head on
I scream and yell it out
Your future husband should have a provider personality! At the end of the day, you truly want a partner who takes care of you and makes sure everything is as it should be. You never want your life to feel in a state of limbo or be left to take care of everything on your own. You want a true provider!

Provider Personality
Your future husband should have a creative personality! As a creative person, you crave a partner who not only understands the creative process but is creative himself! Not only would you love to collaborate with your future husband, but you'd love to see his brain ticking with ideas and projects!

Creative Personality
Your future husband should have a strategist personality! You want your partner to be both an achiever and a doer. Not only is your future husband well organized and driven, but he knows exactly how to get what he wants. With a forward thinking mind, your future husband will always have everything planned out to a T.

Strategist Personality
You want your future husband to have a craftsman personality! You want a partner who isn't afraid to get a little dirty in order to get things done. Your future husband will be a DIY wizard who isn't afraid to tackle even the most strenuous of projects.

Craftsman Personality
Your future husband will have a confidant personality! As a sensitive soul, you need a partner who is there for you no matter what. Not only do you need a partner you can confide in, but you need a partner who will understand your emotional highs and lows. Compassion will be his shining quality!

Confidant Personality