What Kind Of Pet Were You In A Former Life?

In a past life, you may have existed as someone's perfect companion pet! Perhaps, you were even a lap dog for royalty! Ever wondered what kind of pet you were in a former life? This is the quiz for you. Answer these 10 questions and we'll reveal your past paw-some adventures!

Question 1/10
Do you tend to do things the modern way or the old fashioned way?
The modern way. I love technology!
The old fashioned way. Simpler is better!
It depends on the task at hand.

Question 2/10
In your years on earth, you have proven yourself to be rather...

Question 3/10
Most days, all you really want to do is...
Curl up by the fire.
Cozy up with a good book.
Nap out in the garden.
Be around my loved ones.
Eat until I can't eat anymore.

Question 4/10
Do you think you're more or less patient than most people?
I'm the most patient!
I'm more patient than most.
I'm pretty patient.
I'm a little impatient.
I'm less patient than everyone!

Question 5/10
What are friends for?
A good laugh
Free therapy

Question 6/10
If someone were to compare you to a wild animal, they would say you're like...
A mama grizzly
A wise elephant
A cunning leopard
A solitary wolf
A fancy peacock

Question 7/10
A day trip a _______ seems absolutely perfect to you.
Art gallery

Question 8/10
When you get a new pet, it is always through...
A shelter
A breeder
A friend
An ad
Pure luck

Question 9/10
How many pets do you have right now?
Just one
Two or three
Four or five
Way too many.

Question 10/10
If you could live in an era now - it would be:
The Victorian era
Ancient Rome
The roaring 20s
The swinging 60s
The Renaissance
In a former life, you were a terrier! A lovely little lap dog content just to sit and enjoy your master's company. You were always jubilant, optimistic, and loving. Unlike some dogs, you weren't much into confrontation!

A Terrier
In a former life, you were an Irish Wolfhound! Marvelous and fierce, you were first bred to take on wolves in the wold. Yet, you some how ended up inside, sitting by the fire basking in your own greatness. Though kind and good-hearted, you aren't afraid to jump into a challenge or conflict at a moment's notice. Though you are selective in your adoration, many spend time trying to earn your affections.

An Irish Wolfhound
In a former life, you were a Maine Coon! Independent and wild, you've never shied away from setting out on your own or tackling challenges in the great outdoors. Though you love attention and a bit of affection, you have moments where you best feel left to your own devices.

A Maine Coon
In a former life, you were a Labrador Retriever! Fiercely loyal and intelligent, you were originally bred to assist with hunting and fishing. Though you were mostly an outdoor dog at once, you quickly became a lovable member of the household and a loyal companion for life.

A Labrador Retriever
In a former life, you were a Scottish Fold! Let's face it, you've always enjoyed the finer things in life. Even in a past life, you were relegated to a royal life indoors enjoying the warmth of a fire, plenty of pets, and the best food a cat could ever feast upon. A bit uppity, you know what you deserve!

A Scottish Fold