What Kind of Summer Romance Will You Have?

Dreaming of a summer romance that will turn your world upside down? Just what kind of summer romance will you have? With just 10 simple quiz questions, we can reveal the truth!

Question 1/10
Where are you headed this summer?
The beach
A national park
My back yard

Question 2/10
Where would you most like your meet-cute to happen?
At a small local cafe
When they trip over my towel on the beach
When we accidentally lock eyes in a book store
At a barbecue or party

Question 3/10
Pick your favorite romantic comedy:
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
The Wedding Planner
My Best Friend's Wedding
When Harry Met Sally

Question 4/10
What does your bedroom look like?
A serene hotel room
An eccentric lair
A war zone
Modern and elegant

Question 5/10
Choose something sweet to eat:
Chocolate croissant

Question 6/10
What do your summer plans look like?
Sitting in the AC watching TV.
Traveling around with friends.
Catching up on my reading.
Lots of hiking, camping, and exploring.

Question 7/10
Would you ever date a co-worker?
Yes, but only if it was true love.
Nope, it's too messy.
Possibly, but only if I was bored.

Question 8/10
What's your ideal date?
Pool party

Question 9/10
What do you want your date to pick you up in?
A vespa
A car
A bicycle
Their own two feet

Question 10/10
What do you look for in a potential partner?
Sex appeal
Sense of adventure
Sense of humor
A good smile
You're going to have a co-worker fling! Not everyone gets to go on vacation all summer, which is why you'll be having your own fun back at home. From flirty coffee runs to sneaky kisses by the copier, you and your co-worker are going to be hot and heavy for the summer months. Will it continue through fall? Only you know the answer to that!

The Co-Worker Fling
You're going to have a summer abroad fling! While traveling abroad, you'll meet a mysterious stranger who you just can't stop thinking about. Luckily, they'll be struck you as well. You'll embark on a whirlwind romance that truly seems like the stuff of fairytales. Romantic dinners at small cafes, beautiful dresses from fine boutiques, and all of the romance you could possible handle!

The Summer Abroad Fling
You're going to have a classic beach fling! Perhaps you two locked eyes over a game of volleyball or accidentally touched towels while waiting in line at the ice cream stand. However you two met, you're going to have a whirlwind summer romance that will make you feel just like you're 16 again.

The Beach Fling
You're going to have a friends with benefits fling! You may have noticed that one of your friends has been paying special attention to you all summer long. They're clearly into you, but you don't want to take things too far. A casual friends with benefits type of deal is right up your alley. After all, you don't want to be tied down in the summer months!

The Friends With Benefits Fling