What Kind Of Teacher Would You Be?

Teaching is a work of heart, but it's certainly not for everyone. Do you know exactly what kind of teacher you would be? Take these 10 personality quiz questions and find out! The answer may just shock you!

Question 1/10
It's after the bell and one of your students makes a big entrance in to class, dropping his bag and belongings all over the place. What do you do?
I keep on teaching without missing a beat
I keep teaching while hleping them clean up the mess
I scold them for being late and keep teaching
I crack a joke to help ease the embarrassment

Question 2/10
A parent is blaming you for their child's bad grade, how do you respond?
I email them some helpful study tips
I gently let them know that I'm responsible for many students not just theirs
I remind them that what happens out of the classroom is beyond my control
I get in a heated back and forth argument

Question 3/10
One of your students keeps interrupting the lesson. How do you handle it?
I ask them to come up front and teach the class.
I ignore it, kids will be kids
I send them to the office.
I crack jokes back at them.
I gently lay down the rules.

Question 4/10
Were you a part of any cliques in high school?
I was a jock
I was with the "it" crowd
I was a nerd
I was a band kid
I was an outsider
I was a prep

Question 5/10
Which classic school lunch would you like to eat?
Tacos and rice
Chicken nuggets and french fries
Rectangular pizza
Peanut butter and jelly
Spaghetti and meatballs

Question 6/10
What grade level would you most want to teach at?
Elementary School
Middle School
High School

Question 7/10
What subject was always your favorite in school?

Question 8/10
The principal wants you to chaperone the school dance, what do you say?
Finally a chance to showcase my dance moves!
Yes, I don't have anything else going on and it's free food!
Sure, I'll bring a date and everything!
No way, I see enough of those kids during the day!
I lie and say I'm going out of town.

Question 9/10
After school, you would most likely be found?
Hitting the gym
Working overtime
Going to happy hour
Getting supplies for new projects
Resting my feet

Question 10/10
Which teacher themed movie is your favorite?
School of Rock
Kindergarten Cop
Dead Poet's Society
Good Will Hunting
Finding Forrester
If you were a teacher, you would be the eccentric English teacher! With a passion for the written word and the great authors of the last 100 years, you'd thrive at passionately passing on a love of reading and writing to all those who enter your class. From donning zany costumes to reenacting Romeo and Juliet, you'd make English class a blast!

By Eccentric English Teacher
If you were a teacher you'd be the easy going math teacher! Math can be a stressful subject for most students, but you'd make math class a mellow experience. With your awesome wit, laid back attitude, and love of cracking jokes, you'd take the fear out of the math class experience.

The Easy Going Math Teacher
You'd be the crazy science teacher! You're not beyond donning a white lab coat everyday, wearing crazy lab glasses or setting up some zany experiments. With your creativity, passion, and awesome knack for making learning fun, you'd be the science teacher everyone secretly wants to have. To you teaching would be a way of life, not just a job!

The Crazy Science Teacher
You're the bohemian art teacher! You've never met a flowing maxi dress you didn't like or a pair of Birkenstocks you didn't want to break in. Most of your glasses are splattered with paint and you tend to smell of natural herbs and essential oils. You're a kind and passionate soul with a deep love of creating art and using art as a tool of therapy. Children would feel warm, comfortable, and relaxed in your amazing art class!

The Bohemian Art Teacher
You'd be the by the book history teacher! You have a deep love of history and a passion for making sure the past doesn't repeat itself. Though you're a big believer in routine and following the rules, you're not above reaching out to make sure your students find a true appreciation for all things history.

The By The Book History Teacher