What Kind Of Woman Are You Based On The Choices You Make?

What type of woman are you based on the choices that you make in everyday life? Answer the questions in this quiz as though you would act in real life to get your answer!

Question 1/10
You wake up in the morning. What do you do first?
Get dressed and comb my hair
Eat breakfast
Press the snooze button

Question 2/10
Once you are done with breakfast, where are you going to go?
Work or school
Out with my friends
I am going to stay home

Question 3/10
Wheather you go to work right away or not, let's pretend that you are there now. A new office cutie flirts with you. What do you do?
I flirt back
I don't flirt because I am already in a relationship
I am not in a relationship but I don't flirt anyway

Question 4/10
You think you deserve a raise. How do you go about telling your boss this?
I tell them directly
I work harder in hopes they will notice me
I don't change anything

Question 5/10
What are you most likely to do after work or school?
Go home and relax
Go out and have fun
Spend time with my partner

Question 6/10
Where are you most likely to go with your friends when you hang out?
To the movies
To the mall
Out to dinner
To a club

Question 7/10
When you are with your partner you...
Go on dates
Kiss...and then some
Sit around and relax together
I don't have a partner but I want one
I don't have a partner but I want one

Question 8/10
Do you ever want to become a mother?
Yes/ I already am a mother
I don't know yet

Question 9/10
Someone tells you that you are wrong about something when you know you are right. What do you do?
I correct them
I go with the flow
I argue with them

Question 10/10
Describe yourself in one word.
All of the above
You are an intelligent woman. You make the most educated choices when you can, and you make sure to ask questions when you aren't sure what to do. You always make sure to think before you act, which is a great skill to have.

Intelligent Woman
You are a flirty woman. You love to chat with anyone who catches your eye. You are not afraid to show off your sensual side, and we're sure that you wouldn't want to have it any other way.

Flirty Woman
You are a nurturing woman. You are the type of woman who would make the perfect mother beacause of how much you care about others. If you are not yet a mother (and if you don't even want to become one) then you are still likely the mom-friend of your group of friends, always watching out for the people who you care about.

Nurturing Woman
You are a no nonsense type of woman. You don't take flack from anyone. You set your own rules and lead your life the way that you want to lead it. You are sure to accomplish anything that you put your mind to.

No Nonsence Woman
You are a perfect kind of woman! You are intelligent, determined, caring, and a little flirty too. You are well-rounded and you are sure to excell in any task that you take on. In a few simple words, it's great to be you!

Perfect Woman