What Life Path Are You Destined For?

Every life follows a certain path that leads us to who we are supposed to be. Do you know what life path you are actually destined for? Take these 10 questions and discover your true calling in life!

Question 1/10
Would others describe you as nurturing, supportive, or helpful?
People always describe me that way
I'm quite often described that way
I'm described that way every now and then
I'm never described that way

Question 2/10
Do you have a tendency to focus on others?
I always do this
I do this sometimes
I never do this

Question 3/10
What motivates you to succeed?
My family and friends
My passions/causes
The greater good of humanity
My self confidence

Question 4/10
Do you tend to be more interested in relationships or goals?

Question 5/10
If others don't seem to appreciate you, do you tend to help them even more?

Question 6/10
What job do you think would be most difficult?
Stay at home Mom

Question 7/10
How important is it to you that your work be recognized?
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important at all

Question 8/10
Do you enjoy being the center of attention?

Question 9/10
Are you a very image conscious individual?
I'm very image conscious
I'm kind of image conscious
I'm not image conscious at all

Question 10/10
Do you get pleasure from being creative?
The life path you are destined for is a running a non profit organization. You've always had strong beliefs and opinions. So much so, that you've always felt called to action. Your destiny is to accept that call and change the lives of others through your organization.

Running A Non Profit
The life path you are destined to follow is raising a family. Raising children is one of the greatest and most fulfilling jobs in the world. Within the role of parent, you actually take on the role of CEO, logistics, therapist, teacher, nurse, and a bevy of other positions. This is your true calling. Embrace every amazing moment of the ride.

Raising A Family
Your true destiny is a life in politics. Sure, being a politician might not make you beloved right off the bat, but with your ethical barometer and passion for changing the way things are, you'll be a favorite in no time. The time has come or politicians who actually care. It's your time to shine!

A Life In Politics
The life path you are destined to follow is one as a chef. You've always felt as if food was your calling. Since you were a child, you've had a passion for creating meals that are not only tasty but truly beautiful to behold. Embrace your calling and see where life takes you!

Your true life path is being a novelist! You've always felt as if you've had an important story to tell. One that not only helps others, but can make a difference in a big way. With your eloquence, grace, and life experience, you'll craft a novel that changes lives.