What Makes You Unique?

Whether it's a part of your personality or you looks, there's something about you that's unique. A lot of times, people don't see what makes them unique or it may be hard for them to digest. Do you want to know what really makes you unique?

Question 1/10
What do you value the most?

Question 2/10
When your friend is in trouble, how do you help?
Listen and offer the best solution I can think of
Listen to them and try to offer a few solutions
Tell them to tough it out
Take them out for shopping once everything is over
Tell them a few bad jokes while trying to help

Question 3/10
What do you value the most in a person?
Upbeat and outgoing
A can-do attitude
Laid back attitude

Question 4/10
What do you do with friends for fun?
Go for walks, just talking
Goof off
Go to cafes or restaurants to talk

Question 5/10
Out of these options, what is the most fun thing to do when trying to relax?
Video games
Hitting the spa
Listening to music
Just lounging around doing whatever

Question 6/10
Do you value family or friends more?
I value everyone the same
I value whoever is worth keeping around, family or otherwise
I value friends a little more
I value family
I value both, but if someone gets on my bad side, they're gone

Question 7/10
What motivates you in life?
Knowledge and research
Looking forward to fun times
Making money
Friends and family

Question 8/10
When you're upset, how does it show?
I usually punch something
I just walk away and think about it later
I yell at anything, mostly what/who upset me
Cry, for sure
Go and do something fun to get my mind off of it

Question 9/10
Are you organized?
Definitely, everything is always in it's spot
Usually, I like to find things but I do misplace them now and then
Only the important things
I try, but it usually doesn't work out
Not at all, I don't even try

Question 10/10
What flavors of food do you like the most?
What makes you unique is your wisdom and your thirst to gain even more. You value intellect and knowledge more than anything else. Some people would call you cold or calculating, but you try to keep your wits about you at all time and reach the most logical solutions to every problem.

What makes you unique is your sense of humor. You have a tendency to make the best out of every situation for everyone around you. Your friends love that you can always make them laugh, even if you end up making a fool of yourself in the end. All you want is to have fun and make everyone happy.

Sense Of Humor
What makes you unique is your beauty. You may come across as shallow to some people, but in actuality, you can be very kind to those you hold in high regards. It takes a lot to impress you so some people are intimidated by you. You like to relax and have fun, but in turn, you also have to be a really hard worker in order to keep up with your lavish life.

What makes you unique is your kindness. You hate it when others feel bad and you hate it even more if it's something caused by you. You'll do anything you can in order to make someone feel better and everyone appreciates it, even if you really can't help. You try to see the good in everyone, even when everyone else thinks it's hopeless.

What makes you unique is your strength. You think the best way to deal with things is to tough it out and walk it off. Some people would say you're too aggressive or overbearing, but in the end, you're trying your best to help them. You like toughness and are always looking for a challenge to yourself.