What % Millennial Stereotype Are You?

There is no clear cut time frame for the generation known as Millennials, but if you were born some time in the late 1970s to early 2000's, you just may be a millennial. Take this quiz to see how much of a stereotypical Millennial you are!

Question 1/10
What is your level of education?
High School Drop Out
College Graduate
High School Graduate

Question 2/10
How do you support your community?
Volunteer at the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity
Make monthly donations to National Public Radio
Tithe 10% of my income to a charity of my choice
I really should do more

Question 3/10
Do you consider yourself a techie
Yes, I am usually the first one to have the latest technology and constantly on my tablet or smart phone
Not quite a techie, but I do like my technology
Who is Google?

Question 4/10
Farm to table?
I try to buy locally, sometimes its difficult
Is that a new book?

Question 5/10
I spend my free time
Teaching in underdeveloped communities
Traveling, or planning my next trip
Going to the clubs

Question 6/10
I am happiest
Helping others
Doing nice things for myself
When I have a balance of helping others and taking care of myself

Question 7/10
What political party do you affiliate with?

Question 8/10
Do you consider yourself religious?
Not at all
I go to church/temple on special occasions
Yes, I am very religious

Question 9/10
When were you born?
Before 1975
Between 1975 and 1980
After 1981

Question 10/10
How many Facebook friends do you have?
300 +
200 to 300
Under 100
I'm not on Facebook
You are everything that is typical of a millennial: technologically savvy, well educated, civic minded, entrepreneurial, global citizen and a pragmatic idealist, progressive, compassionate You are a liberal through and through, a multi-tasker by nature, impatient (if you can't find it in 8 minutes or less you give up), and you are adventurous. ...Way to go Millennial!

You were probably home schooled and completed your school work without the use of technology. You are extremely intelligent, but lack the multi-tasking, impatience of a dyed in the wool millennial.

From Another Decade, Less Than 25%-1%
Mostly millennial with with a few exceptions. You are progressive in your thinking, probably a liberal, extremely smart, glued to your technology, able to multi-task, but also able to sit still and relax. You are more patient than your typical millennial and not as attached to political correctness.

Somewhere In The Middle 50%-75%
Unlike a typical millennial, you prefer to stay in one place, question political correctness, and may even go to church on Sundays, however you like your technology and keeping in touch with family and friends through Facebook and you do have Entrepreneurial tendencies. Occasionally you even spout out conservative platitudes.

Your Parents Where Probably From The Old Country 25%-50%
You are definitely not a millennial! In fact you should have been born in the 1800's. You long for a simpler time, a time you never really knew. You are not interested in saving the whales or having a smartphone, let alone updating it.

Victorian By Nature, Less Than 1%