What Million Dollar Talents Do You Have?

Are you sitting on a million dollar talent that you don't even know about? Could you be squandering your best days letting your talents pass you by? Worry not, these 10 quiz questions will help to reveal your million dollar talent. You may be more gifted than you think!

Question 1/10
You need to plan a big event in a short time, what do you do?
Throw something together last minute.
Assemble a talented team.
Break everything down day by day.

Question 2/10
Your closet is...
Kind of empty, to be honest.
Perfectly full, but not chaotic.
Totally chaos.

Question 3/10
You hear some juicy gossip that's quite unbelievable, what's your first reaction?
Consider the source but remain skeptical.
Shocked and curious to hear more.
I try to change the subject.

Question 4/10
How would you describe your vocabulary in one word?

Question 5/10
Is using numbers or numerical symbols easy for you?

Question 6/10
Are you more detail-oriented or better at taking a broader view?
Very detail oriented.
Somewhere in the middle.
Not very dtail oriented.

Question 7/10
When sitting out in nature, you can't help but feel?
Assualted by all the bugs.
At peace and completely relaxed.
Worried I should be doing something more productive.

Question 8/10
Do you keep a to-do list?
Yes and it's updated daily!
Sometimes, not often.
Nope, I use the old noggin.

Question 9/10
Do you like to interact with all types of people?
Yes, always.
Not really.

Question 10/10
Is staying physically fit very important to you?
Yes, I try to work out daily.
I eat well, but never work out.
Eh, not really.
Your million dollar talents are creative talents! Your mind is a rich place full of invention and creative ideas. Artsy and outside the box, you tend to learn through experience and acute observation. While you have a good sense of direction in life, your creative whims can often take you on many paths. Focus on your art and ideas and you'll be rolling in money in no time!

Creative Talents
Your million dollar talents are linguistic talents! Let's make one thing clear: your talents are super rare. In a world where people love to text rather than talk face to face, linguistic talents are falling by the way side. Your word smart, articulate and eloquent. You have a very seamless way of expressing yourself in writing and verbally. Because of this, you can command a crowd, present ideas, and truly wow other with your talents. How long until you have a million in your pocket?

Linguistic Talent
Your million dollar talents are hidden talents! You have yet to discover your true talent, which is just fine. You love to experiment and try new things. Though you don't have your path figured out just yet, there's no doubt that you'll find your way. You're the type of person who tends to be good at everything you try on the first pass. This makes you an indispensable asset that will truly find your talent!

Hidden Talent