What Mom Role Do You Play?

Every mom plays a role all her own, but the question is, which mom role do you play? Are you ready to find out? Embark on these 10 questions and discover exactly which mom role you play best!

Question 1/10
It's the first day of kindergarten! You send your little one off into his new classroom and…
Do a little dance, finally some me time!
Snap as many photos as I can get
Jerry rig a broken backpack zipper and send them off with a smile
Linger outside the classroom longer than I should
Revel in my new found clear schedule

Question 2/10
Before heading out for a night with friends, you always make sure to....
Whip up a homemade meal for the kids
Order a pizza for the little ones while doing my makeup
Tell the kids they can stay up late and have cereal for dinner
Tell the kids a pre-bedtime bedtime story
Get a cool activity going that they can finish while I'm out

Question 3/10
Parent teacher conferences tend to make you feel....

Question 4/10
It's the first day of practice and your child's coach asks for volunteers, you…
Are the first to volunteer
Step way into the back to avoid responsibility
Wait until you see what volunteering entails
Urge my husband to take one for the team
Volunteer to make snacks for each game
Volunteer to give rides to kids with busy parents

Question 5/10
Which do you think kids need more, rewards for good behavior or punishment for bad?
Rewards for good behavior
Punishment for bad behavior
A mix of both, balance is important

Question 6/10
Your child has way too much homework this week, and you are not sure if they will get it all done. What do you do?
Help them stay organized and on task
Whip up some healthy foods to keep them energized
Do their homework for them
Find a creative way to make it fun
Guide them and help without doing the work

Question 7/10
What's the best way to diffuse a moody teenager?
Offer them some advice
Listen actively to their problems
Give them space
Help them find a creative outlet
Consult with a therapist

Question 8/10
How would you describe yourself in one word?
Easy going

Question 9/10
How involved should a mother be in their teenaged child’s decisions?
Very involved
Somewhat involved
Not involved at all

Question 10/10
What kind of quality time do you value the most?
Reading a bed time story
Working on a craft
Sharing a meal
Hanging out at the park
Watching a movie or show together
You play the role "CEO of Household!" Many underestimate just how tough being a Mom can be at times. Not only are you tasked with making sure your little ones are safe and happy, but you're also the CEO of the household. You take care of budgets, make sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to be doing, and plan out every aspect of your families life. Hats off to you wonder woman!

CEO Of Household
The Mom role you play is "personal chef!" Having a few little ones around might seem like a breeze to those who don't have children, but you know that being a mom means wearing many hats. One of them being, a chef's hat. You spend a lot of the time in the kitchen preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your whole family. Not only are you in charge of everyone's diets, but you like to give wholesome foods that can help each of your kid's live their best life.

Personal Chef
The Mom role you play is "PhD in Anger management!" Sometimes being a Mom also means being a life coach, therapist, and having a PhD in anger management. Your ability to sooth and diffuse is second to none. You know every trick and tactic for calming down an angry or fussy little one with ease. You do you!

PhD In Anger Management
The mom role you play is "art director!" Being a mom means being a jack of all trades and a truly multi-faceted individual. The role you play well is that of art director. You're constantly coming up with amazing crafts, projects, and stories to help keep your child's imagination growing.

Art Director
The mom role that you best play is that of "Lady McGyver!" That's right, just like television's McGyver, you are often tasked with solving problems, diffusing bombs, and crafting solutions out of thin air to unpredictable problems. Let's just say if the world were about to end, we'd want you on our side!

Lady McGyver