What Nationality Is Your Temperament?

They say you're a product of your environment, but what nationality is your temperament really? Ready to find out if you act the way you do because of where you grew up? Take these quiz questions and discover the truth.

Question 1/10
Do you enjoy the simple things in life?
Yes, definitely!
Sometimes, sure.
Not really.
Nope, more is more!

Question 2/10
Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?
I prefer the beach. It's a way of life!
I like both depending on the season.
I'm more of a mountain gal.
Yuck, neither one!

Question 3/10
What word would you use to describe classical music?

Question 4/10
Would you describe yourself as a very spiritual person?
Yes, definitely!
Sometimes, but it's more of a feeling than a way of life.
I'm more religious, to be honest.
Eh, I'm not so sure.

Question 5/10
How much would you enjoy a night at the ballet?
Any opportunity to dress up is fine with me!
I think it'd be a lot of fun!
It'd be a little boring, but an experience none the less.
It would be torture.

Question 6/10
How polite are you?
Quite, manners are essential.
I'm very polite.
I'm polite when it counts.
Eh, not so much.

Question 7/10
Do you care if people think you are rude?
Yes, I would hate that!
Not really, they can think what they want.
It would bother me a little bit.

Question 8/10
Are you fun to party with?
I'm the life of the party!
After a couple of drinks.
Not really, I'm not a party person.
At small gatherings I'm quite charming!

Question 9/10
Are you an individualist?
Yes, I pride myself on standing out!
Sometimes, but not always.
Not really.
What's that?

Question 10/10
Are you motivated by money?
Yes, isn't everyone?
Sometimes, but not often.
No, I'm motivated by other things.
It depends on the day.
Your temperament is distinctly British! You don't really have much of a temper to speak of, instead, relying on logic and a dry sense of wit. While you might love to complain and occasionally cuss someone out, you're pretty much harmless. In fact, it's hard to get into too many skirmishes when you're in with a cup of tea and a good book!

Your temperament is distinctly French! You've got a very laid back attitude and aren't exactly the type to get stressed out easily. Instead, you tend to shrug off bad days and little skirmishes without much care. You live to enjoy your life and the people around you. Life's too short to worry about every little thing!

Your temperament is distinctly Canadian! You don't have a mean bone in your body. Someone cuts you in line? You're going to apologize to them for being in their way. You're nice in a way that few people are, often putting everyone else before yourself. Sure, you have a killer sense of humor and a hardy strength, but that doesn't mean you aren't down to be polite!

Your temperament is distinctly Spanish! You've got a fiery temper and a flair for being dramatic. You love to spice things up and stir the pot whenever possible. Sure, things might get a little soap opera like from time to time, but you wouldn't live your life in any other way!

Your temperament is distinctly Italian! You're boisterous, confident, and totally outspoken. You're not afraid to stand up for yourself or your family. When someone crosses you, they're going to know about it right away. While you can be very loving and warm, you also know when to bring the fire!