What Percent Dark Side Are You?

Everyone goes to the dark side sometimes, but what percent dark side is your personality on the average day? Ready to find out? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover the dark side of yourself! The results might shock you.

Question 1/10
What's most important to you?

Question 2/10
When's the last time you put an empty milk carton back in the fridge?
A few months ago
A few years ago
Never, I'm not a monster!

Question 3/10
Do you ever pay for items in small change?
All the time, money is money!
If I have time and there's not a line.
Never, it takes way too much time.

Question 4/10
What do you fear?
Being alone
Losing someone close to me

Question 5/10
How often do you screen your phone calls?
Always, I know who I don't want to talk to.
Sometimes, it depends on my mood.
Never, I always pick up the phone.
I plead the fifth.

Question 6/10
What are you most likely to forget?
My car keys.
My mom's birthday.
My cell phone.
My anniversary.
My wallet.

Question 7/10
What might make you jealous of someone else?
Lots of money.
Nice clothes.
Power or influence.
Lots of friends.
I don't get jealous!

Question 8/10
Choose a color:

Question 9/10
What do you tip at a restaurant?

Question 10/10
A good mentor is always....
You are 75% dark side! You have some truly dark patterns and an edginess that not everyone gets. Though you're not fond of authority and love to stir the pot, you're not bad through and through. You'd never harm a living creature and you're certainly not one to cast people aside once they've served their purpose. In other words, you're dark, but you're not a monster!

75% Dark Side
You are 50% dark side! You have a very complex soul that tends to swing between the light and the dark. Sometimes you can transform several times a day depending on your mood and your environment. While you're not dark all of the time, you certainly do have a dark side!

50% Dark Side
You're 30% dark side! Let's face it, you rarely let your dark side take the lead and run the show. While you do have a dark side full of menace, it almost never comes out to play. You tend to fight the dark with the light, choosing to focus on what's good and right rather than on what's wrong!

30% Dark Side
You are 20% dark side! In reality, you don't have much of a dark side at all. You tend to gravitate towards the light and strive to keep a positive outlook and an open mind. The only time anyone will see your dark side surface is when someone hurts a loved one or truly crosses you in the wrong way!

20% Dark Side
You are 10% dark side! You are drawn towards the light and always try to keep an upbeat and optimistic outlook. You don't anger quickly and almost never let yourself go to the dark side. While you strive to fight injustice, you also accept that some things are beyond your control. Rather than focusing on what's wrong, you always keep an eye on what's right!

10% Dark Side