What Percent Female Are You?

You might love to wear lipstick and dresses, but that doesn't mean that you always think like a girl. Take this quiz to discover what percent female you truly are.

Question 1/10
When was the last time that you cried?
This week
A few weeks ago
Sometime last year
Maybe a few years back
None of these

Question 2/10
When you find something that you don't need, but is on sale for 50% off you...
Buy it, you can't pass up a good deal like that
Weigh the pros and cons of owning the item before making a purchase
Keep walking
I wouldn't, I don't like to shop
None of these

Question 3/10
Have you ever mistakenly been referred to as "sir"?
Yes, but they immediately corrected the error when they looked at me
I don't know

Question 4/10
You are going on a road trip with friends that include both guys and girls. Do you offer to take a turn at the wheel?
No, I prefer to be a passenger
Yes, I would feel obligated to
Sure, I love to drive
I would fight to drive the whole time
None of these

Question 5/10
What percent of your friends are female?
I prefer to hang with the guys
None of these

Question 6/10
Be completely honest. Do you really like Star Wars?
I don't know

Question 7/10
How big is your purse?
It's the size of a carry-on
It's just a little clutch
It's a normal size
I don't carry a purse
It's depends on the occasion. I have a closet full of them
None of these

Question 8/10
Has anybody ever accused you of being manipulative?
I don't know

Question 9/10
What would you order at a restaurant?
A steak
A salad
A sandwich
None of these

Question 10/10
How often do you take control between the sheets?
When I feel the need to guide
When I am feeling extra adventerous
None of these
You are a true woman. Nothing about you mirrors the way that the opposite sex thinks or acts. That is a good thing for a man who wants a partner who is his complete opposite. You might as well paint your bedroom a nice blush rose shade because you are 100% female.

100 % Female
The majority of the time, you think like a woman. This doesn't mean that you are controlled by your emotions or need a strong hand to guide and protect you. It means that you can multi-task and are empathetic to the emotions of others. There is no doubt about it, you are 80% female.

80% Female
You are mostly girl but occasionally you think like a man whether that is enjoying a Sunday afternoon watching game after game or polishing off a beer or two. You still like to get dressed up and you might cry when you see that latest viral kitten video though so you are 75% female.

75% Female
You are half and half. You strike a nice balance between letting logic and emotions control your decisions. You are equally comfortable with members of both sexes and can be friends with either. You wouldn't mind either spending the afternoon playing video games or going on a shopping spree. You are 50% female.

50% Female
You might look like a girl on the outside and boast all of the curves to prove it, but inside you think like a man. You don't let your emotions control you and prefer logical solutions to solve your dilemmas. You would much rather see the latest action film than a romantic comedy and you are also quite athletic. This means that you are only 25% female.

25% Female