What Percent Good Vs Bad Are You?

Think you don't have a dark side? Think again! Everyone is a combination of goodness and a bit of evil. The question is: what percent good vs. bad are you? Does your good outweigh the bad? Let's see if you're really as angelic and wholesome as you think you are. Hit start to begin!

Question 1/10
What would you do if you saw someone shoplifting?
I would tell the manager.
I would confront the shoplifter.
I would take a cell phone video.
I would call the cops.
I'd walk away.

Question 2/10
Which crime might you have recently committed?
Parked in a no parking zone.
Sped through a crosswalk.
Passed in a no passing zone.
Parked in a handicapped spot.
Used a plastic straw.

Question 3/10
Are you easy to anger?
Not usually
Ask again later

Question 4/10
Which thing would you donate to a charity?
My time
Charities are scams

Question 5/10
Which random act of kindness might you commit?
I would pay for someone else's coffee.
I would pick up my dog's mess.
I would pay for someone's groceries.
I would hold the door open for someone.
I'm not big on this whole helping thing.

Question 6/10
What do you do when someone is chewing too loud?
I ignore it.
I move to another seat.
I confront them.
I chew even louder to make a point.
I probably wouldn't even notice.

Question 7/10
Which animal might you have been in a former life?
A dog
A cat
A bear
A badger
A duck

Question 8/10
Which medieval job might you have had?
Horse trainer

Question 9/10
Which dessert do you like most?
Vanilla ice cream
Warm chocolate chip cookies
Devil's food cake
Angel food cake

Question 10/10
What are you like when you first wake up?
Ready to go!
You're 50% good and 50% bad! Most of the time, you're a pretty good person. You try to do the right thing and minimize damage wherever you go. Other times, you let your bad side take over. You just can't help but get into a little bit of trouble!

50% Good, 50% Bad
You're 70% good and 30% bad! Let's face it, you're far more wholesome and good than most. You always strive to do the right thing and strive to minimize damage wherever you go. You aren't one to hurt others or lie and you only really let your bad side shine when you know no one is going to get hurt.

70% Good, 30% Bad
You're 60% bad and 40% good. Okay you little heathen, you're often a bit more bad than good! You let your bad side come through more often than not. You just can't help but follow every impulse you have inside, good or bad. To you, being bad is just a bit more fun!

60% Bad, 40% Good
You're 90% good and 10% bad! Let's face it, you're pretty much an angel here on earth. Anyone would be hard pressed to find a person more virtuous and good than you are. You always do the right thing and strive to leave the world a better place than you found it. If only everyone were a bit more like you!

90% Good, 10% Bad
You're 60% good and 40% bad! Most of the time, you're a really good person, someone who does right by others and tries to do the right thing. However, sometimes your inner bad impulses get the best of you. When your bad side shines through, it's all about having a little bit of devious fun!

60% Good, 40% Bad