What Percent Hawaiian Are You?

Question 1/10
How many kids would you like to have one day?
Just one
Two or three
Four or five
At least 6
I've never thought about it

Question 2/10
What are your dancing skills like?
They don't exist!
They're great!
I can cut a rug!
They're okay.
It depends, have I been drinking?

Question 3/10
What kind of nut are you?
A macadamia.
An almond.
A walnut.
A hazelnut.
A peanut.

Question 4/10
What do you think most people need to do?
Relax more!
Get outside and play.
Get off their phones.
Socialize more.
Work harder.

Question 5/10
Which of the following natural disasters would you be the most frightened of?
A volcanic eruption
An earthquake
A tornado
A hurricane
A tsunami

Question 6/10
Which of the following words best describes your upbringing?

Question 7/10
Pick an activity:
Binge watching TV

Question 8/10
What color car would you like to drive?

Question 9/10
Be honest, are you a superstitious person?
I'm very superstitious!
I'm somewhat superstitious!
I'm not superstitious at all!

Question 10/10
What do you think life is all about?
Having fun
Connecting with others
Being free
Working hard
Expressing love
This quiz revealed that you're 100% Hawaiian! Much like this laid back island state, you're all about taking life at an easy pace. You love to socialize, often opting to spend time with friends and family rather than going it alone. You live for the outdoors and aren't opposed to an early morning surfing session or a late night pig roast. You're a vivacious and vibrant soul who truly embodies the Hawaiian spirit!

100% Hawaiian
This quiz revealed that you're 75% Hawaiian! Much like this island state, you're a relaxed individual who doesn't sweat the small stuff. You believe that life is a grand adventure that is to be enjoyed, not worried over. You love to spend time with others, whether it's hanging out at a bonfire, relaxing on the beach, or working on your craft. With a love of the outdoors, family, and tradition, you truly embody the Hawaiian way of life!

75% Hawaiian
This quiz revealed that you're 50% Hawaiian! Much like this island state, you're all about stopping to smell the roses! Though you're hardworking and ambitious, you understand that life is all about achieving peace and balance. You love to socialize, meet new people, and test the waters of your comfort zone! You might not be a fully Hawaiian, but you definitely embody the spirit well!

50% Hawaiian
This quiz revealed that you are 25% Hawaiian! You might not be a full blown Hawaiian, but you definitely embody the gentle and easy going nature of folks from this state. You're a kind and sensitive soul who truly believes in helping others, preserving nature, and taking life at an easy pace. Though you may be a bit introverted and shy, you'll always let your guard down to make a new friend!

25% Hawaiian
This quiz revealed that you're 10% Hawaiian! While you may possess the kind spirit of this island, you tend to rush through life and focus more on work than play. Success is important, but life is all about achieving balance! You're not much for the outdoors and prefer to spend time on intellectual pursuits rather than outdoor hobbies. You like spending time in Hawaii, but you don't always see eye to eye with the folks who call this state home!

10% Hawaiian
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Hawaiians are just about as laid back and easy going as they come! Ever wondered how much of the Hawaiian spirit you embody? Do you really live the Hawaiian way of life? Take these simple quiz questions and find out how Hawaiian you are!