What Percent Occult Are You?

For centuries, women have dabbled in the occult! Whether it was witch craft or black magic, there has always been something drawing us into the world of the occult and sorcery. Do you have deep ties to occult? With just 10 questions, we'll determine just how occult you truly are! Let the witching season commence!

Question 1/10
A friend gets a promotion over you. What do you attribute this to?
Their hard work.
Pure luck.
Their connections.
Witch craft.
My bad luck.

Question 2/10
When you dream, what are you most likely to see?
A friend or loved one.
A deceased love one.
My future child.
Monsters or other scary entities.

Question 3/10
As you've aged, have you become more or less spiritual?
More spiritual.
A bit more spiritual.
Less spiritual.
Way less spiritual.
I was never spiritual to begin with.

Question 4/10
What habit do you have to cope with stress?
Rituals or routines.
Cooking or baking.
Long nature walks.

Question 5/10
What kind of magic would you like to learn?
Black magic
Grey magic
White magic
Practical magic
Magic isn't real.

Question 6/10
At which point in the day do you feel most like yourself?

Question 7/10
Which of these things would you interpret as a "sign" from the universe?
A four leaf clover
A cardinal
A lucky penny
A check arriving in the mail
A letter from a friend

Question 8/10
Do you feel a spiritual connection when you enter a graveyard?
No, not really.
Yes, I can feel the spirits!
I feel energy, that's for sure.
I feel something, but I'm not sure what.
I just feel a bit solemn, that's all.

Question 9/10
Which creature would you rather have as a familiar?

Question 10/10
How often would you say you experience Déjà vu?
Almost every day, it's eerie!
All the time.
A few times a week.
Once in a blue moon.
Almost never.
One thing is abundantly clear- you are 100% occult! You are deep into the idea of black magic and the natural world. You reject the work of geniuses like Einstein because you don't feel as if anything in this world can be logically explained. When something doesn't go as you planned, you tap into the past and your own personal magic. Most people see you as quite complex and mysterious. You wouldn't have it any other way!

100% Occult
You are 87% occult! Deep within your bones, you feel a connection to a different realm, a place of nature and magic, far far away from reality. You believe that most people in this world are lost, looking to false gods and prophets for answer, explaining away their personal magic. People look at you and see someone who is an enigma or a mystery. You are not one to be easily explained!

87% Occult
You are 55% occult! On the outside, you look like the average person. You're accepting of some science, but you also embrace mythology and the occult. You truly think that fate, luck, and deities are real. When you're down, you don't look to logic or false gods, you look the natural world. While you might not be all in with the occult, you are certainly more drawn to this world than most.

55% Occult
You are 20% occult! You see yourself as a very rational and logical person, even if you occasionally dabble in the occult, like knocking on wood or begging non-physical spirits. You use the occult as a coping mechanism, but it is not your everyday way of life. While you can tap into that magical place, you are mostly grounded in reality.

20% Occult
You are 10% occult! You're someone who values logic and reason above all else. You don't believe in luck or fate, as you believe that most things happen due to people's choices, not some magical entity or spirit world. To you, the occult is a fantasy world, and you want very little to do with it!

10% Occult