What Perfume Suits Your Personality?

With all the choices out there, going fragrance shopping can be pretty difficult - especially for indecisive shoppers! Take this quiz to find out which popular perfume you should pick off the shelves next time.

Question 1/10
How old are you?
Younger than 30 years old
30-40 years old
41-50 years old
51-60 years old
Older than 60 years old

Question 2/10
Do you prefer wine or beer?
No Preference/Neither

Question 3/10
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most, how extroverted and outgoing are you?

Question 4/10
What type of sports lover are you?
I don't like sports.
I'm a fan of watching sports.
I love watching AND playing sports!

Question 5/10
Choose a type of sandwich!
BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato)
Grilled Cheese
Apple, Cranberry, & Brie
French Dip

Question 6/10
Which of the following types of TV shows do you enjoy watching most?
Reality TV
Real-life Documentaries & News
Travel & Food Shows
Comedy & Family Sitcoms

Question 7/10
Are you more of an outdoors or indoors type of person?

Question 8/10
On Saturday nights, do you usually prefer to go out and party or spend a comfy night in?
Go Out
Night In

Question 9/10
When you're angry or upset, what do you do to calm yourself down?
Bury myself in work
Take a deep breath or meditate
Go for a run or do something active
Talk it out with a trusted friend
Go shopping or treat myself to a nice meal

Question 10/10
Which of the following words speak most to your personality?
Sarah Jessica Parker's perfume, with its orchid and mandarin tones, is for the peaceful, tranquil person. You are a very calm, cool, and collected individual, and the fact that you're extremely relaxed and laid-back is very refreshing to others. This tranquil, refreshing perfume is the one for you!

'Lovely' (Sarah Jessica Parker)
Paris Hilton's 'Can Can' perfume is very floral and fruity - the perfect scent for a sensual and playful person, like you are! You are outgoing, fun, flirty, and passionate. This perfume will complement your youthful and loving energy!

'Can Can' (Paris Hilton)
Tory Burch's perfume is floral; with its citrus aspects, it's feminine but also sporty. Your active, non-girly-girl, very adventurous personality will love this equally adventurous scent that you can wear on dates, out on the town, or as a freshen-upper after a tough workout!

Eau De Parfum (Tory Burch)
Sofia Vergara's perfume promises that when you put it on, you'll instantly feel glamorous. With its black berries and plum nectar tones, it will definitely make you feel like you always wear diamonds and satin. You are a very cultured person, who dreams about seeing the world, tasting fine wines and exotic foods, and experiencing amazing things. You want to indulge yourself with luxury, and this perfume will be your first step!

Sofia For Women (Sofia Vergara)
Giorgio Armani's perfume, with it's mandarin oil and Egyptian jasmine scents, is for the bold yet feminine woman. You are strong, independent, and hard-working, yet also graceful and eloquent. You have big goals for yourself, and you accomplish them with so much class. 'Si Giorgio Armani' is the scent for you!

Si Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani)