What Role Will You Play On Thanksgiving?

We all play a certain role on the Thanksgiving holiday, but not all roles are created equal. Do you know what role you will play on Thanksgiving? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
The best part of Thanksgiving is....
The food
The family
The fights
The alcohol

Question 2/10
What's your pre-dinner Thanksgiving ritual?
Watch the parade with family
Help where I'm needed
Park it in the recliner
Slam a few cocktails

Question 3/10
Turkeys deserve to be...
Be turkeys!

Question 4/10
Which board game are you most likely to play with your family on Thanksgiving?
How about none?

Question 5/10
What will you be drinking with your Thanksgiving entree?
Hard cider

Question 6/10
As a child you often spent holidays?
Hovering at my mom's feet
Playing with the other kids
Badgering family members
Sneaking food

Question 7/10
Which Thanksgiving chore would you most like to take on?
Dish duty
Packing leftovers
Corralling children
Finishing the wine

Question 8/10
How many Thanksgiving fights have you enaged in?
One or two
Three or four

Question 9/10
What's the worst part of Thanksgiving?
The post dinner tired spell
Seeing family
Cleaning up after dinner

Question 10/10
What's the best part of Thanksgiving?
Expressing gratitude
Beign surrounded by love
Eating good food
On Thanksgiving, you will play the role of the happy hostess! Sure, hosting Thanksgiving isn't easy, but you've always been up for the task! From cooking dinner to making sure that everyone is feeling a-ok, you'll be making the rounds amongst your family and friends this Thanksgiving day!

Happy Hostess
On Thanksgiving, you will play the role of the hungry picker! This year, you'll spend more time grazing food in the kitchen than mingling with your loved ones. As a hungry picker, your only real goal of the day is to keep as much food into your body as possible.

The Hungry Picker
Every family has one, a relative that drinks a little too much just a touch too early in the day. This year, you're going to be that person! As the tipsy relative, you will often be found nursing a cocktail and lounging in whatever piece of furniture isn't occupied. You might even be found making a few inappropriate jokes!

The Tipsy Relative
This Thanksgiving, you will play the role of the accomodating and lovely helper! Others will find you helping prepare the meal, picking up the slack, and makinsg sure the host doesn't go crazy from holiday cooking stress.

The Accomodating Helper
This Thanksgiving you will play the role of everyone's favorite unwelcome food critic! Did anyone ask for your appraisal of the meal? Not really. Are you going to give it anyway? Of course! In truth, your relatives tend to find your food critques pretty entertaining rather than mean spirited.

The Food Critic