What Smell Best Describes You?

Ever wonder what people think when you step into the room? Take this quiz and find out what your personality smells like?

Question 1/10

If a stranger came up to you and wanted to start a conversation what would you do?
I'm a little shy but I would talk for a few minutes
Of course I will talk, it takes a lot of courage to come to someone
I am not a people person
It really just depends

Question 2/10

If you saw a stray dog/cat on the side of the road with no collar what would you do?
Just keep driving
Bring them to the nearest animal shelter
If they don't look too bad I'll help them out
Take them in and post pictures, if no one claims the animal...keep them as a new pet

Question 3/10

If you were sitting on a full public bus/shuttle would you give up your seat, and stand for someone else?
Depends on if they need it
Of course!
I'd always give it to the elderly, pregnant, or handicap
I'd be riding a bike instead
probably not

Question 4/10

How would your friends describe you?
Caring and thoughtful
Always outdoors
Very outgoing/ social
Positive and open minded
What friends?

Question 5/10

How much time do you spend outside?
I am actively outdoors most of the week
I go on hikes or take walks pretty often
I try when I get the chance
I hate being outside

Question 6/10

How do you react to bad news?
prepare for the worst, but hope for the best
Everything will be okay
I'll get through it
This is horrible. Absolutely awful
Very nervous

Question 7/10

Do you volunteer, do charity, or go out of your way to help others?
When I can
A few times a month

Question 8/10

What do you like to do in your free time?
Be with my friends
Stay at home by myself
Read, write, or something artsy

Question 9/10

What is your favorite flavor?

Question 10/10

Do people ever come to you for advice?
All the time!
Ever take time to smell the roses? Well people sure do enjoy taking time to be around you! Flowers is the scent that best describes your character! This simply means that your personality is pleasant. You brighten up the room just by entering. Some people absolutely adore you, and others just really appreciate your presence. You may be shy, but you have a great personality that attracts pretty much anyone. Your soul is quite pure and beautiful, so don't ever change!


Results show that your personality smells like fruits! Sometimes you may be sweet, but other times you come off a little sour. Either way, you are an essential part to the lives of those around you. Without you, life just wouldn't be as healthy! You bring a spark to those you interact with, and you take care of those you love. Kudos to you!

Fruity/ Citrus

Like pine or newly cut grass, you're a breath of fresh air! People don't get to see you all that often, but when they do...your presence is certainly welcomed. You have a calming demeanor, and this really makes people feel comfortable around you! You do what comes naturally, and you stay true to your heart. You love to learn, grow, and adventure. Don't ever change 🙂

Woodsy/ Resinous

Your answers show that your personality may not come off so positive. On the outside you don't prove to care all that much about the people or places you interact with. Your conversations may be short, forced, and possibly awkward. Many people don't get the best impressions of you. You're not exactly willing to go out of your way to help others, but you might if you felt pressured. Try to open your mind more to the world around you, I promise can be a beautiful place out there!

Decayed/ Pungent

Like candy and cupcakes you are a sweetheart. You are always willing to go out of your way and help anyone. You never judge others, and even if you see something embarrassing, you'd never tell. You may not always be the most outgoing person, but you would never ignore someone who may come to say hello to you. You may be too nice to say no sometimes, but you'll get better with that. The world needs more like you!