What Temperature Are You?

Every personality is like a temperature in Fahrenheit. Some of us are hotter than a desert heat wave and others are cooler than a night in Alaska. If your personality were to be described as a temperature, which would it be? Are you as hot or cold as you think you are? Let's find out now!

Question 1/10
Which holiday owns your heart?
Fourth of July

Question 2/10
After a long work day, all you really want to do is...
Watch TV.
Eat junk food.
Work out.
Meet up with friends.
Hang out with my pet.

Question 3/10
What is one place you’re dying to travel to?

Question 4/10
What calms your nerves when you're stressed or upset?

Question 5/10
Are you an indoor or outdoor person?
I think I'm more of an indoor person.
I'm definitely more of an outdoor person.
It depends on the season.

Question 6/10
When you make a mistake, what do you do about it?
I learn from it.
I hide from it.
I own up to it.
I try not to repeat it.
I don't make mistakes.

Question 7/10
If you could live in any historical decade, what would it be?
The 20s
The 40s
The 50s
The 70s
The 60s

Question 8/10
What are you most likely to get angry about?
My phone battery dying while I'm out.
Getting stuck in traffic.
Someone cutting in line .
Losing a hair tie.
I don't get angry.

Question 9/10
What’s your favorite board game?
Trivial Pursuit

Question 10/10
Are you ever judgmental?
Of course, it's human nature!
From time to time.
I am, but try not to be.
I never judge.
Is there anything better than a 75 degree day? Not really! People feel the same way about you. As a person, you're calm, cool and even keeled. You don't sweat the small stuff and never lose your temper. In fact, making you angry is pretty much an impossible task. While you're a warm and caring person, you never come off as being too much or overbearing. Like a warm sunny day, you're the ideal person to be around.

75 Degrees F
You're like a blazing hot 100 degree day! Passionate and intriguing, you never hold back or keep your feelings to yourself. Instead, you speak your mind and live your convictions out loud. You love to debate others and seem to have an opinion on everything. Sure, you might get carried away from time to time, but people truly love your passion and fire.

100 Degrees F
You're like a chilly 45 degree day! To some people, you might seem a bit cold or aloof, but really you just like to keep to yourself. To those you love most, you're warm and compassionate, even if you might come off as chilly at first. Shy and introverted, you're calm yet mysterious. People have a hard time figuring you out, but once they do, they're always glad they made the effort.

45 Degrees F
You're like a freezing cold 32 degree day! To many people, you're a chilly person who can be a bit cold. Though you don't instantly warm up to everyone, you can be a very kind and inviting person. For the most part, you enjoy being on your own, just enjoying a cozy book or a walk in the icy cold.

32 Degrees F
Your personality is like a hot 80 degree day! While you're pretty passionate and hot, you can also come across as warm and relaxed. This balance is what makes you such a joy to be around! Sometimes, you're so excited that you just can't hold yourself together. You might even talk fast and trip over your own words! Other times, you're cool as a cucumber, taking life as it comes and enjoying every minute of it.

80 Degrees F