What Type Of Boss Are You?

How do your employees actually view you?

Question 1/10
What would you do if your employee was struggling with a task?
Let them figure it out themselves
Give them a few pointers
Give them step by step instructions
Give them specific details on how you would do it

Question 2/10
When do you usually arrive to work?
I'm the first to arrive
At the same time as my employees
I come in later than my employees

Question 3/10
Would you say your way of doing things is more modern or old-fashioned?

Question 4/10
What's your reaction if your employee calls in sick?
Tell them to get better and you'll take care of their work
Assume they're lying
Tell them to keep you updated on their status
Give them an email of what they have to do
Ignore the call and let it go to voicemail

Question 5/10
What do you think about your employees?
I consider them friends
I don't see them often
They're my employees and they should work hard
I value their work

Question 6/10
What would you do is some work was pending or delayed?
I'd jump right in and help them
I work late until the work is finished
I give the employee a warning
I make the employee who's responsible stay longer

Question 7/10
How do you usually communicate with your employees?
By email
By text messages
By phone call
By word of mouth

Question 8/10
Which word do you think your employees would use to describe you?

Question 9/10
How would you respond if your employee asked for a leave?
I'd refuse it
If they were a good employee, I'd grant it
It depends on how much work they've accomplished
I'd give them a leave without a second thought

Question 10/10
What would be your reaction if you caught your employee fooling around on the Internet during work?
I wouldn't care
I'd give them a talking to
I'd prefer them to not use the Internet at work
You're the type of boss who gets along easily with your employees and make sure they're treated well. You appreciate everything they do and it shows in the way you treat them. They tend to look at you as their friend rather than their boss.

The Cool Boss
You want every little detail to be perfect and you don't stop until everyone's work is satisfactory. You want everything in your company to work perfectly and you want to make sure your employees are working with the utmost dedication and passion.

The Perfectionist
You're always looking out for your employees and want nothing more than for them to succeed. You inspire them to do better in life and you're always by their side making sure they're doing well. You're not afraid to get your hands dirty and help them if they need it.

The Leader
You're a fan of how things were in the past and you're not too keen on changing. You still do things by the book and your employees still may do things in outdated fashion. You're not too familiar with technology and will rely on help from your employees.

The Old-Schooler
While every boss is busy, you feel as though you have the whole weight on your shoulders. You want to do right in your job and so you may take on more than you can handle and become stressed. You usually are the first to arrive to work and the last to leave.

The Busy Boss