What Type Of Doctor Should You Be?

Ever feel called the world of medicine? If you love helping people, you might just be a great doctor! But what type of doctor should you be based on your personality? Would you excel as a pediatrician or is your calling something different? Start the quiz and find your rightful medical career!

Question 1/10
What were you like in high school?
I was an outsider
I was very popular
I was top of my class
I was a real class clown
I was a floater

Question 2/10
How well do you react under pressure?
Extremely well, I work great under pressure!
I'm okay, it depends on the day.
I'm awful under pressure.

Question 3/10
Which community service project interests you most?
Tutoring kids
Planting trees
Caring for animals
Volunteering at a hospital
Meals on wheels

Question 4/10
Which of these things scare you the most?
Failing in my career
Accidentally offending someone
Public speaking
Letting others down

Question 5/10
Which of these hobbies do you enjoy most?
Hanging out with my family
Hiking or spending time outdoors
Working out

Question 6/10
What would keep you from running for public office?
The skeletons in my closet
The public pressure
The time and energy
The paperwork

Question 7/10
What are your thoughts on general anesthesia?
I avoid it at all costs.
Bring it on, who wants to be awake during the procedure?
It's a necessary evil sometimes.

Question 8/10
How superficial are you on a scale of 1-3?
Not superficial at all.
Somewhat superficial.
I'll admit it, I'm pretty superficial.

Question 9/10
Do you work well with children?
I love them and they love me.
I kind of like kids, in small doses.
I don't really care for kids to be honest.

Question 10/10
Which of these insults have you ever been called?
You should be a pediatrician! Kids naturally gravitate towards you in every situation. With a goofy personality and youthful approach to life, you know how to connect with kids on a very basic level. While you could easily be any kind of doctor, you'd feel most satisfied helping to treat kids and young adults. That's where you would really feel fulfilled!

You should be an oncologist! Your life has been affected by cancer in many ways. Whether a loved one was touched by this disease or a close friend, you understand the magnitude that cancer can play in many lives. Rather than sitting back and letting it destroy more families and lives, you want to take a stand and get right on the front lines. With compassion and care, you'd help people kick cancer's butt!

You should be a cardiologist! You've always been a very active and health conscious person, not just to stay slim and trim, but to extend your life by many years. You of all people, understand the importance of taking care of the heart. With your compassion, expertise, and skill, you could help fix hearts and encourage a more active approach to living!

You should be a dermatologist! Some people like to say that beauty is only skin deep, but you know that's not always the truth. You've always had a strong passion for skin health, skin care, and looking your best. You would love to help others achieve their best skin and to fix any problems that may be holding them back!

You should be a general practitioner! Right now, people see you as a jack of all trades, someone who is good at everything and always learning on the go. You would never want to be tied down to one speciality when you could spend your days and nights treating folks from all walks of life. With your care and compassion, you'd make an incredible GP!

General Practitioner