What Type of Houseguest Are You?

We're all a house guest at one point or another, but what kind of house guest are you really? Do you know who you become when you're a guest? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
What gift are you most likely to bring your host?
A bottle of wine
A bouquet of flowers
Pastries or dessert
A box of chocolate
Nothing, I'm the gift!

Question 2/10
Your host tells you to sit and relax after dinner rather than helping. What do you do?
Insist on helping
Kick back and relax
Do a bit of clean up
Offer a few times and then relax

Question 3/10
As an overnight guest, what's the first thing you do in the morning?
Make the bed
Make coffee for everyone
Run out for bagels or donuts
Sleep past noon
Get up and help the host with breakfast

Question 4/10
You spill something on the host's carpet. What do you do?
Try to blame someone else
Cover it up
Own up to it
Offer to have it cleaned
Say nothing

Question 5/10
Before dinner, you can most likely be found...
Helping with the cooking
Setting the table
Entertaining others
Watching TV

Question 6/10
Uh-oh, you used up all the hot water, do you warn others?
Of course
No way

Question 7/10
Would you ever offer to cook for the host?
I always try to pitch in at least once.
No way, that's too much pressure!
I order take out for everyone!

Question 8/10
As a guest, you feel your task is to:
Tell all of my best stories
Pitch in around the house
Be helpful and earn my keep
Compliment profusely
Just go with the flow

Question 9/10
Pick a board game:

Question 10/10
What's your least favorite chore?
Taking out the trash
Doing the dishes
Making the bed
Cleaning the toilet
When it comes to being a houseguest, you’re the “sleeper!” No how matter how much noise your hosts make or what’s going on in the house, you can always seem to sleep, sleep, sleep, and sleep-through absolutely anything. You’re slow to get moving, not keen on doing many activities, and pretty determined to relax as often as possible.

The Sleeper
When it comes to being a houseguest, you’re a total night owl! You just can’t help but stay up all night and into the wee hours of the morning. You’re pretty keen on fridge raiding, eating leftovers, and making yourself a midnight snack. Your hosts will often find a few stains on their kitchen counters along with a few crumb trails leading back to your room.

The Night Owl
When it comes to being a houseguest, you’re the one who invites everyone over! Since you’re used to being the host to everyone, you just can’t help but invite over friends and family even when you’re staying with someone else. It might be fun for you, but it can be a bit overwhelming to whoever is hosting! Make sure you know the ground rules before kicking back and making your own fun.

The One Who Invites Everyone Over
When it comes to being a houseguest, you’re the helper! You’re the one who loves helping the host and pitching in around the house. You know that being a guest doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any responsibilities, in fact, you love to help your host around the house, do the cooking, and generally make things easier.

The Helper
When it comes to being a houseguest, you’re the control freak! You’re used to doing things your own way and by your own method. Sometimes you just can’t help but rearrange a kitchen, organize a closet, or sort bathroom products by color and brand. You’re just trying to make life easier, which is why your hosts often laugh it off!

The Control Freak