What Type Of Kisser Are You Drawn To?

Some people long for a long slow romantic kiss. Others, not so much. Every distinct personality type is drawn to a certain type of kisser. Knowing your kissing type can help lead you to the person of your dreams and reveal your inner desires. What type of kisser are you drawn to? Give this quiz a go and find out!

Question 1/10
Are you currently in a relationship?
It's complicated

Question 2/10
Do you always kiss on a first date?
Always, it's my thing.
Sometimes, if it feels right.
Never, too soon.

Question 3/10
Would you go out with someone whose breath smelled?
Eh, it happens to the best of us.
Nope, not in a million years.
If they had other redeeming qualities.
If it was a one time thing.
Probably not.

Question 4/10
What sort of kiss is a total turn off for you?
Too much saliva.
One that's boring.
A kiss that's too aggressive.
A kiss with no chemistry.
A surprise kiss.

Question 5/10
What do you think makes a good kisser?

Question 6/10
What's the most horrible thing that might happen during a kiss with someone new?
A spontaneous burp
Bad breath
Passing gas
Accidentally opening my eyes
Touching something weird

Question 7/10
Do you think you can sense a connection from a kiss alone?
Not really

Question 8/10
As a kid, which Disney prince was most appealing to you?
Prince Erid
Prince Charming
Prince Philip

Question 9/10
What do you look for in a relationship?
Fun and excitement
A true partnership
A sense of belonging
Someone who gets me
New beginnings

Question 10/10
Which of the following is a deal-breaker for you?
Bad manners
No passion
A person being boring
You're drawn to the biter! This kissing type is all about a bit of sexy aggression. A little bit rough and a little bit romantic. They know how to make you feel desired and feminine, even if it means chewing half your lip off!

The Biter
You're drawn to the small peck kisser! You enjoy a kiss that's soft, sweet, and super non-invasive. To you, long drawn out kisses are sloppy and a waste of time. All you really need is a small peck to feel loved and adored!

The Small Peck
You're drawn to the hopeless romantic! You're all about a kiss that's deep, passionate, and full of love. You don't like small pecks or listless kisses. You want a kisser who makes you feel truly wanted and desired!

The Hopeless Romantic
You're drawn to the face smusher! You love a kiss that involves a hand on your head, guiding your face into theirs. Any kiss that makes you feel wanted and loved, is a good kiss in your book!

The Face Smusher
You're drawn to the open eye kisser! Hey, there's someone for everyone, you just happen to like the weirdest kissing type of all. At first, it can be startling to see someone staring back at you mid kiss. Yet weirdly, you can't get enough of this type of kisser.

The Open Eye Kisser