What Type Of Parent Are You?

You might think you know exactly what kind of parent you are, but what type of parenting are you really doing? Take these 10 questions and find out exactly what type of parent you are!

Question 1/10
Do you believe that a child under the age of 17 can watch an R-rated movie?
As long as there isn't nudity or sex
As long as there isn't a vast amount of profanity
It depends on the genre of the film
No way there's a reason movie ratings exist
I think it depends on the child's maturity level

Question 2/10
Your six year old daughter is absolutely refusing to eat dinner. What do you do?
Insist she eats or she can't leave the dinner table
Let it go, maybe she's just not hungry
Explain why she needs to eat good food to stay healthy
Ask her if she'd like something else for dinner

Question 3/10
Your son just came home with a D on his report card, clearly feeling discouraged. What's your course of action?
Explain to him that it's all the teacher's fault
Tell him that you know he feels sad, but he did well in his other subjects and not to give up
Tell him you'll help him study every night
Fix him his favorite meal to make him feel better
Encourage him to do his best and if he needs help to ask for it

Question 4/10
Your child has expressed an interest in learning to play piano. What do you do?
Set them up with piano lessons
Have them sit in on someone else's piano lesson to make sure they're interested
Buy them a piano
Start only listening to classical music in the car with them
Watch YouTube piano tutorials with them

Question 5/10
What's the only sport you wouldn't allow your child to participate in?
I'd let them participate in any sport they'd want to
I wouldn't let them participate in any sports

Question 6/10
A neighbor has just stopped by for a visit, but your child is hiding behind your legs feeling shy. What would you do?
Scold him for his shyness
Ignore his shyness and let him gradually overcome it as he gets older
Laugh it off sometimes it takes kids a bit to warm up to new people
Ignore his shyness, but show pleasure any time he interacts with your neighbor
Start setting him up on play dates to interact with more people

Question 7/10
What do you think about unique off the wall children's names?
I love them!
They set the child up for teasing later on
They reflect their unique personalities
I hate them

Question 8/10
It's your child's first day of kindergarten. How are you feeling?
Sad they grow up so fast
I'm a nervous wreck
Excited for this new chapter in their life
Relieved that I finally have some free time

Question 9/10
How would other parents likely describe you?

Question 10/10
How often do you find yourself photographing your child?
Every moment necessary
When they're doing something special
When its a holiday or birthday
When they've accomplished something
You think your child is a special snowflake and while they very well might be, that certainly doesn't make them infallible. Your child is 100% unique, but you often urge them to believe that they are better than the rest. You would do anything for your child. Be it helping them put together a project or baking cookies at 5am because they forgot to tell you the night before. Your kid is your everything and that's reflected in how you treat them!

The Special Snowflake Parent
You're a no boundaries parent! When it comes to raising your kids, nothing is off limits. You have no problem showing your kids an R-rated movie or letting them watch the news. In your opinion, reality is reality. There is nothing you can do to shield them forever. Because of this you and your children have a more friend-friend relationship than parent-child.

The No Boundaries Parent
You are a hovering parent! Wherever your kids are, that's where you'll be. You're never more than one step behind your little ones. From guiding them to helping them out, you're always looking out for their best interests. You never take a step back and let them roam freely. Childhood is a precious thing to you and you're looking to make your children's childhood's perfect.

The Hovering Parent
You're a magic bullet parent! You're all about quick fixes and band aids when it comes to parenting. Hey, parenting is stressful, we get it. Sometimes a quick fix is just enough to get you through the day. You're ability to think on your toes and work under huge amounts of stress is truly impressive. But remember, even band aids fall off. Think more long term when it comes to solving problems!

The Magic Bullet Parent
You are a cheerleader parent! You support your children in everything they do. Whether they're competing in a spelling bee or participating in sports, you always believe in and support your children. As a parent, you know that the most important thing in the world is showing your children that you're present and caring. As a cheerleader, they'll always know they have your support.

The Cheerleader