What Type Of Woman Will You Be In 30 Years?

Do you think you know what kind of woman you will really be in 30 years? The results may surprise you. Take these 10 questions and discover what kind of woman you'll be in 30 years.

Question 1/10
In your daily life, what do you think about most?
What I'm going to do next
My family and the people I love
My future
All of the things I'm grateful for

Question 2/10
Which color do you most associate yourself with?

Question 3/10
Which of these do you prefer?
Hanging out with friends
Having a deep conversation
Going out and doing things
Staying in and reading

Question 4/10
Are you a religious person?
Yes, very!
I'm kind of religious
I'm not religious at all

Question 5/10
What would you most want to do for a living, regardless of the income?
I'd be something in the arts. Actor, dancer, singer, artist, designer, etc
I'd be something world changing. Politician, teacher, doctor, humanitarian, etc.
I'd be something that requires intelligence. A scientist, a doctor, a stock broker, etc.

Question 6/10
Do you love life?
Not really

Question 7/10
What beverage do you prefer?
Anything sweet
Coffee or tea
Something rich like wine
Something hard like beer

Question 8/10
Do you consider yourself to be a happy person in general?

Question 9/10
When you wake up, what is the first thing you think about?
What I want to do that day
My family or significant other
Everything I need to get done

Question 10/10
Do you often daydream?
In 30 years, you'll be an urban sophisticate. You're funny, classy, and totally spontaneous. You always look put together and have never encountered an adventure that you'd say no to. Go ahead and embrace your inner urban sophisticate now.

An Urban Sophisticate
In 30 years, you're going to blossom into a true artist. You'll learn a hobby that turns your entire life upside down. Perhaps you pick up painting and find it's been your long lingering talent all alone! Who knows where your artistic nature will take you!

An Artist
The type of woman you'll be in 30 years is the alpha female! You're strong, resilient, and bright. You can take on anything with ease and skill. There's no holding you back once you get started!

The Alpha Female
In 30 years, you'll be a happy homemaker! You're finally going to let go of the career and settle into a life at home taking care of things on the domestic side. While you'll be a little weary at first, you'll settle into this new role like a champ.

The Happy Homemaker
In 30 years, you'll be a peaceful vegan who cares more about crafting inner peace and meditating than collecting material possessions. You're going to focus on your spiritual side and let go of all of the stuff that doesn't really matter.

A Vegan Peacemaker