What Unique Archetype Are You?

Psychology has revealed that everyone belongs to one of 12 archetypes. These archetypes are derived from personality traits and other habits you have. Do you know which unique archetype you are? Answer these questions truthfully and find out!

Question 1/10
How often do others come to you for advice?

Question 2/10
When you make impulsive purchases, what do you tend to buy?
Clothing or shoes

Question 3/10
In games, what is your main objective?
Having fun
Spending time with others
Gaining experience
Dominating others

Question 4/10
When out to eat, are you the first or last to decide what to eat?
I'm the first.
I'm somewhat in the middle.
I'm always last.
It depends on my mood.

Question 5/10
When someone outdoes you at work, how do you feel?

Question 6/10
Do you set New Years resolutions?
Yes, every year.
Yes, but they don't last long.
Sometimes, if I'm motivated.
No, they never work out.

Question 7/10
If you were an employer, you would describe yourself as...
A hard worker
A loyal worker
A creative worker
A social worker
Something else

Question 8/10
Is there anything wrong with telling white lies?
Yes, they're never okay!
A lie is a lie.
Sometimes, if it spares someone's feelings.
No, not at all.

Question 9/10
To progress in life, must a person always follow the rules?

Question 10/10
Do you prefer to have a schedule or go off the cuff?
I almost always need a schedule.
I like a schedule sometimes.
I hate schedules.
Only when it comes to work.
You're a Jester archetype. Your core desire in life is to live in the moment with full enjoyment. You don't worry much about the past or the future because you are highly focused on the here and now. Your number one goal is having a great time while lightening up the world!

The Jester
You're the sage archetype! Your core desire in life is to find the truth and garner wisdom. You seek out information and knowledge, always partaking in self reflection as you attempt to understand yourself and others. Your motto might as well be "knowledge is power."

The Sage
Your personal archetype is the lover. Your core desires in life are to find intimacy and experience. You love to be in a relationship and tend to surround yourself with things you love or which bring you joy. Your greatest fears are being alone or feeling unwanted or unloved. That's why you become easily attached to others!

The Lover
You're an explorer archetype! Your core desire in life is to have the freedom to find out who you are through exploring the world. You want an authentic and fulfilling life instead of feeling like you're just going through the motions each day. Your biggest fears are being trapped and feeling a sense of inner emptiness.

The Explorer
Your personal archetype is the caregiver. Your number one desire in life is to protect and care for others. To you, lending a hand and helping others to succeed brings you the greatest sense of joy. Selfless and compassionate, your greatest fear is feeling as if you're not serving people enough.

The Caregiver