What Will You Actually Reach In Your Life?

Where will you get to in life?

Question 1/10
Would you say you're an ambitious person?
Very ambitious
Not really
Not at all

Question 2/10
How are you when faced with a challenge?
I stand my ground
I think logically
I back down
I assess whether I should back down or not

Question 3/10
Would you say you have a big dream?
A very challenging one
Not at all
I'm not too sure

Question 4/10
Have people ever told you that you're dream is unreasonable and give up on it?
I hear it all the time
Never really heard it

Question 5/10
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Settled down with kids
In the spotlight somewhere
I like what I'm doing now so I'll stick to it
Maybe traveling the world or something exciting

Question 6/10
Do you feel restless living in one place too long?
All the time
Not that I've noticed
Every once in awhile

Question 7/10
What place in your life are you at right now?
Living happily with my family
Trying to survive day by day
Trying to make a name for myself
Getting ready to settle down

Question 8/10
Are you happy with how your life is right now?
I'm very happy
Not until I reach my dream
I'm doing okay
I'm not sure

Question 9/10
Would you say you have a lot of money?
I'm rich
I'm pretty poor
I'm in between

Question 10/10
How do you want to live your life?
I'm fine with how it is now
I'm not sure
You will go far in life! No matter what challenges you face, you will push past them with determination and persistent and become a star.

The Stars
You will reach on of your dreams whether it's big or small. The want for it will be great and you won't stop until you get there.

One Of Your Life Dreams
You won't see it coming but you'll reach a dream that you'll grow to love dearly. You may not be expecting it but it's what will fit you best.

A Dream You Won't Expect
You may not reach exciting fame or anything crazy but you'll live a life that's comfortable and makes you happy.

A Comfortable Life