What Will Your Future Daughter Be Like?

Who exactly will your future daughter be? Will she ambitious and logical? Warm and sprightly? How about a total drama queen? Your daughter will truly be one of a kind, but what will be her shining trait? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
What do you believe would matter or currently matters most to your daughter?
Having fun
Being liked
Looks and style
Helping others

Question 2/10
When you were a kid, you were best described as....

Question 3/10
How overprotective do you think you'll be?
Very overprotective, like a mama bear.
Kind of overprotective, but not too much.
Not overprotective, kids need some freedom.

Question 4/10
What is your daughter's imagination like?
Active, she's always in her own world!
She loves to play dress up and pretend.
She seems to prefer reality.
She's an amazing storyteller.

Question 5/10
What kind of movies will you watch with your daughter?
Romantic comedies
Disney/Pixar films
Whatever plays on TV
Superhero movies
Historical dramas

Question 6/10
As a kid, your own parents were very....
Fun loving

Question 7/10
How are you going to dress your daughter?
Just like me! She'll be my twin.
Like a beautiful little lady.
In clothes she can run around in.
In comfy clothes.
In whatever she picks out for herself.

Question 8/10
You want to be the type of parent who always....
Gives the benefit of the doubt.
Shows compassion and kindness.
Sets boundaries.
Encourages imagination.
Gives your daughter every opportunity.

Question 9/10
When you take your daughter to her first overnight camp, you are impressed because she...
Already made new friends before unpacking her bags.
Is able to restore peace to her cabin after a lot of infighting.
Earned the most red cross badges of anyone.
Organizes the entire camp talent show.

Question 10/10
You can truthfully say, "I'd be a millionaire if only I could bottle and sell my child's ..."
Your future daughter will be top of the class! Inquisitive, ambitious, and a true knowledge hound, your daughter will truly prove that women can do anything. Not only will your little girl be top of the class, but she might just go on to be president one day. With her charm and intelligence, there will be no stopping your future daughter!

Top Of The Class
Your daughter will be a total adventurer! Curious and adventurous, your daughter will never fear the unknown or taking a leap of faith. As a confident risk taker, your little girl will set her own path and forge her own identity. Independent and intelligent, your daughter will be capable of whatever she sets her mind to, including traveling the world.

The Adventurer
Your daughter will be a compassionate giver! From a young age, you'll notice that your little girl is highly sensitive and dedicated to helping others. She'll be drawn to animals and those who don't have as much as others. A bit shy and reserved, your little girl will quietly change the world through her compassion and unbridled kindness. What a gift she will be!

The Giver
Your daughter will be spunky and social! A little social butterfly who loves to interact with others, your daughter will always captivate whatever room she finds herself in. She will be adventurous, bubbly, and optimistic. It will almost seem as if your little girl is always wearing rose colored glasses! The world could use more people like her.

The Spunky One
Your future daughter will be rebellious and creative! While you may have a tough time with your rebellious girl when she's a teen, you'll quickly learn to embrace your daughters independence and sense of purpose. She'll fight for the causes she believes in, set her own rules, and never let a man or anyone else dictate who she should be.

The Rebel