What Would Be The Perfect Gift For You?

What would you be ecstatic to receive?

Question 1/10
What price do you prefer your gift to be?
More than $100
I don't want any money spent on me

Question 2/10
How do you usually express yourself?
Through fashion
Through art
Through music

Question 3/10
Would you say you have a busy life?
Yes I do
Not really
Not at all

Question 4/10
Are you sentimental?
Yes I am
No I'm not

Question 5/10
Do you want a gift that you'll be able to keep forever?
Yes I do
No I don't

Question 6/10
Would you consider yourself easy to please?
Yes I would
It depends
No I'm not

Question 7/10
Do you expect gifts in return from the people you gift?
Of course
It depends
No I don't

Question 8/10
How do you usually react when receiving gifts?
It depends

Question 9/10
Do you get excited easily?
Yes I do
Sometimes I do
No I don't

Question 10/10
Would you rather have a material gift or something you can eat?
Material gift
Something I can eat
You're a rather simple person and you want a gift that's not too fussy. You love having flowers that can spruce up your home. You prefer simple flowers compared to a intricate and complicated gift.

You're not a very materialistic person so the best gift for you would be a book. You probably spend quite a bit of time reading and you'd love to have a new story you can waste time with.

A Book
You want your gift to be somewhat exotic and that's why you'd love a gift such as a vacation. You need time to relax and get away and you could definitely get away with a nice vacation.

A Vacation
You don't mind being surprised with traditional gifts so you'd love something like a piece of jewelry. Whether it's something like a watch or a necklace, you'll be sure to wear it repeatedly.

What you want is a gift that's delicious and nothing would be better for you than a present of food. Whether it's fast food or a nice little trip at a restaurant, you'll be sure to love it.