What Would Be Your First Question After Arriving In Heaven?

People try to be the best version of themselves because it's the right thing to do and if you're God fearing, then your goal is to end up in heaven and certainly not hell. Once you have arrived in heaven, what would be your first question? Would you want to know how you go there? Or would you want to know if this was all a joke? There are many questions one would ask upon arriving to heaven. What Would Be Your First Question After Arriving In Heaven?

Question 1/10
You receive a text message while you’re driving. What do you do next?
Read the message and reply.
I would wait until I have stopped to read the message
I would ask Siri to read me the message
I would have the passenger read and reply on my behalf
I would stop traffic to read the message
Nothing. I don’t have a cell phone.

Question 2/10
Do you believe in a higher power?
I have no idea how I got here
I do. I just don’t know if I believe in heaven or hell
I believe in myself
I believe there is a God, of course!
I believe in my cellphone

Question 3/10
In uncomfortable situations, how do you react?
I am rarely uncomfortable. People are more uncomfortable around me
Confront the situation head on
I laugh
As long as the situation doesn’t involve my family, I’m good. Nobody messes with my family!
I pretend to text on my cell phone.

Question 4/10
Do you believe in heaven and hell?
I don’t know what I believe in
I believe in heaven and hell
I don’t!
I am a devout religious person
Depends on my mood

Question 5/10
What is the purpose of life?
To experience the most that you can experience
To be devoted to the most high
To have fun and live carefree
To be the best person you can be
To document every moment of life on a cell phone

Question 6/10
If you were to go to heaven, what would you take with you?
My favorite teddy bear
My diary
My family
My cell phone

Question 7/10
If you had to wear one color forever, what color would it be?
None of these

Question 8/10
Do you believe in hell?
I do. I may go there one day if I don’t change
I don’t believe it until I see it
I am not sure what I believe in
I do! I know I won’t go there though
Who knows!

Question 9/10
What’s one thing you could not live without?
My bible
My favorite food
My family and friends
My cell phone
None of these

Question 10/10
If you had to choose to be rich and sad or poor and happy. What would you choose?
I would never want to be poor
I would want a happy medium
I would choose to be happy and rich!
I would be poor and happy
As long as I have my cell phone, I’m good.
You have arrived to heaven and now you want to meet the man/woman in charge. You have imagined all your life what this place would be like and now that you’re finally here you want to meet the one in charge because that way you’ll know for real if this is for real.

Who's In Charge?
You weren’t always the model citizen so it’s a surprise to you that you would be in heaven. You want to know if it’s a joke because there’s just no way that you should be in heaven. You stole candy from babies and just did things that weren’t legal. You would want to know if it’s a joke.

Is This A Joke?
You are super happy that you have arrived in heaven and now you want to see some familiar faces. Maybe your aunt Grace or great-grandmother Nancy is here? It would be nice to see some loved ones so you won’t be lonely in heaven.

Where Are My Loved Ones?
Your actions while you were living, may be questionable to some. You had no idea there was a heaven or a hell but now that you have arrived in the better of the two, you’re happy! You just want to know, how did you get there and if this living arrangement permanent? You have many questions about your new living space.

How Did I Get Here?
You and your cell phone have a relationship like no other and in fact, that’s how you arrived in heaven. You were texting and driving. There are no cell phones in heaven though so your cell phone is nowhere to be found until further notice. You're really concerned and your first question would most likely be "Where is my cell phone?"

Where Is My Cell Phone?