What Would You Get Detention For?

If you were still in school, what would you be most likely to get detention for? It's time to find out which rebellious act would land you in the principal's office!

Question 1/10
As a teen, what were you most likely to do after school?
Go to a club or activities
Hang out with friends
Take a nap
Study or do homework
Call up my pals

Question 2/10
What do you believe was the best spot to sit in class?
All the way in the back
Somewhere in the middle
Up front
On the edges of the room

Question 3/10
What does a typical Friday night look like for you?
Staying in and watching Netflix
Going out to the bar with friends
Seeing a show
Going on a date
It varies weekly

Question 4/10
Where did you typically eat lunch?
At home
In my car
With my friends or co-workers
In the office break room
At a restaurant

Question 5/10
What were you most likely to get involved in while in school?
Drama or theater
I didn't like after school activities

Question 6/10
Does authority intimidate you?

Question 7/10
What's your favorite social media platform?

Question 8/10
What has always been your least favorite subject?

Question 9/10
Which movie genre is your favorite?

Question 10/10
What were you voted in high school?
Class clown
Most talkative
Class flirt
Most likely to succeed
Best style
If you were still in school, you would likely get detention for showing viral photos in class! You just can't help yourself, when you find a viral photo or post that you find funny, all you want to do is share it with everyone you know.

For Showing Viral Photos In Class
If you were to get detention today, you would likely get it for cursing after getting a returned exam! You're not only a perfectionist, you're the kind to blame yourself and those around you for getting a bad grade. Don't worry, there are worse things than wanting to do well in school!

For Cursing After A Returned Exam
You'd likely get detention for talking back to the teacher! You just can't help yourself, you're the queen of one liners and snarky asides. How could you keep yourself from fighting back if you feel unjustly accused? The answer: you wouldn't!

For Talking Back To The Teacher
You'd likely get detention for texting during class! You do pretty much all of your communicating through texting. As someone who loves to chat, gossip, share, and laugh: there's no doubt that you'd likely get caught texting in class!

For Texting During Class
If you were in school, you'd likely get detention for cracking too many jokes! You've always been the class clown, not only do you love to make people laugh, but you hate when people take life too seriously. Life's short, why not laugh!

For Cracking Too Many Jokes