What Would Your Hollywood Job Be?

Dreaming of the limelight? Not everyone is destined to be a star! If you made it to Hollywood, what would your job be? Could you actually be a leading actress? Answer these 10 quiz questions and we'll decide the perfect Hollywood job for you!

Question 1/10
What's your personal resolution this year?
Make more money.
Be more creative.
Volunteer more.
Get in better shape.
Be more assertive.

Question 2/10
When do you feel most creative?
When I'm in the spotlight.
When the pressure is on.
When I have time to think.
When I'm working with others.
When I'm all alone.

Question 3/10
When you watch a movie, what do you look for?
Great actors
Great stories
Great visuals
Great timing
Great score

Question 4/10
Before you leave for work in the morning, what is the most important thing?
Looking good
Feeling good
Drinking coffee
Squeezing in a workout
Having a plan

Question 5/10
Do you think it's important to pay attention to detail?
No, not really.
Yes, you only get so many chances.
Only if others are going to see it.
Yes, it's super important!

Question 6/10
Which negative word are you most likely to be called?
Self absorbed

Question 7/10
Which of the following items can you not live without?
A passport
My laptop
A coffee maker
A credit card
A mirror

Question 8/10
Are you ever late for work?
Pretty much all the time.
Every now and then.
Never, that's rude.
Sometimes, but not often.

Question 9/10
What superficial thing is most appealing to you?

Question 10/10
How good are you at solving problems?
Very good
Somewhat good
Not good at all
Out in Hollywood, you would be destined for the world of acting! Beautiful, dramatic, and overtly artistic. You thrive in bringing stories to life and playing pretend. Not only do you crave the spotlight and a bit of fame, but you're looking for a job in which you can channel your passions!

Out in Hollywood, you'd be destined for a job as a screenwriter! You've always had a big vision and a knack for telling stories. While some people can't build a world out of nothing, your imagination could build entire galaxies. Not one to forget small details, you're exactly the type of person who could churn out hit after hit!

Out in Hollywood, you would make one fantastic producer! Let's face it- producers are confident, wealthy, and visionary in their quest for success. You've always been an extremely ambitious and driven soul, one who never lets set backs or naysayers bring you down. With great instincts and a love of socializing, you would build the network you need to be an iconic producer.

Out in Hollywood, you'd be destined for the role of director! Focused, controlled, and visionary. You simply see things in a way that others don't. Very detail oriented, you know how to make something look spectacular without missing a beat. Confident in who you are and your ideas, you'd never let anyone challenge your vision for the world. Directing is what you were made to do.

Out in Hollywood, you'd make the perfect assistant! While you may love the movie industry, you're not exactly keen on being in the spotlight or stepping on others to get ahead. In fact, you're more than happy with a supporting role where you can just go along for the ride. Dedicated, loyal, and kind, you'd make the perfect assistant!