What Would Your Sister-in-law Say About You?

Family relationships are complicated, especially when you throw new faces into the mix! If asked about you, what would your sister-in-law say? Would she sing your praises or complain about your very existence? Let's find out what your sister-in-law really has to say about you!

Question 1/10
Which word describes you best?

Question 2/10
Where do you fall in the sibling birth order?
Middle child

Question 3/10
Do you currently have any kids?
Yes, just one.
I have two kids.
I have more than two kids.
I don't have any kids.

Question 4/10
How often do you and your sister-in-law hang out just the two of you?
All the time, we're pretty tight.
On occassion.
We hang out, but never just the two of us.
We've never been alone in the same room.

Question 5/10
Do you ever avoid returning texts, calls, emails, etc. from your sister-in-law?
Guilty as charged.
Every now and then, she's a bit much.
Nope, I always reply.

Question 6/10
Your sister-in-law loves to gossip about members of the family. Do you partake?
Nope, I'm above all that.
Sometimes, it depends on the relative.
Yes, it's harmless fun.

Question 7/10
Are you indecisive?

Question 8/10
Your sister-in-law just had a baby, but you're a seasoned pro. Do you offer any advice?
Yes, I tell her everything I learned along the way.
Nah, let her figure it out.
If she asks me for advice, I'd give it to her.
She probably thinks she knows everything anyway.

Question 9/10
Do you open up easily to others about your problems?
Nope, I'm more of a bottle it up kind of person.
I wear my heart on my sleeve.
Sometimes, but I have to trust them.
It depends on the day.

Question 10/10
When it comes to work, are you at the top of the food chain?
Yes, thanks to lots of hard work.
Not yet, but one day.
I'm a stay at home Mom.
I'm still at the bottom.
I'm somewhere in the middle.
Your sister-in-law would say that you’re too judgmental! Family relationships are complicated. We all think we know what’s best for everyone else, even if its not necessarily true. Even if you’re not a judgmental person, your advice and dealings with your sister-in-law, may just come across as being a bit judgey!

You're Too Judgmental
Your sister-in-law would say that you’re warm and welcoming! Let’s face it, you’re pretty much the dream sister-in-law. From the beginning, there was never a bit of competition or jealousy between you and your new “sister.” You welcomed her with open and arms and treat her as you would a birth sibling. Sigh, if only all sister in laws could be like you!

You're Warm And Welcoming
Your sister in law would say that you’re a bit standoffish! Relationships between sisters-in-law can be complicated and a bit weird. You’re two different women coming into one family. Sometimes, you just don’t see eye to eye with your sister in law and it shows. Rather than creating conflict, you distance yourself and let whatever happens happen. Hey, sometimes space is the cure all for a bit of friction!

You're Standoffish
Your sister-in-law would say that you’re a bit of an overachiever! Sometimes, the women in the family are in an unspoken competition with one another. Luckily, you always seem to come out on top. Unfortunately for you, this can lead your sister-in-law to looking at you as a bit of an overachiever who sets impossible standards for everyone else.

You're An Overachiever
You’re sister-in-law would say that you’re a total dream! Sometimes, the universe just gets it right. You welcomed your new “sister” into the family with open arms and treated her as you would want to be treated. You’re kind, caring, and always there for your sister-in-law. There’s nothing bad that should could ever say about you!

You're A Total Dream