What’s In Your Red Cup?

Hit up any party and you'll likely find a sleeve of those iconic red cups. Can we guess what you're usually sipping on in your red cup? Can your personality really reveal what may be hidden behind that red plastic? Let's find out what you're really drinking at all those parties!

Question 1/10
When you picture those red cups, what kind of party comes to mind?
A family get together
A college rager
A kegger
Just a few close friends hanging out

Question 2/10
What are the lines on a red solo cup for?
They don't mean anything.
They're refill lines.
They're for grip.
To measure how much drink you have.

Question 3/10
If you had to choose a different color party cup, which would you choose?
Eh, red's fine!

Question 4/10
Which drinking game are you most likely to play?
Beer pong
Flip cup
I'm not much for games

Question 5/10
Where is it never okay to use a red solo cup?
At a wedding
At your Grandma's birthday
At an anniversary party
It's always okay!

Question 6/10
Do you enjoy fruity beverages?
Sure, why not?
In moderation.
Nah, not really.

Question 7/10
What's the best food to eat while drinking?
A juicy burger
A chili cheese dog

Question 8/10
How often do you actually go to parties?
Not very often, maybe twice a year.
Once a month or so.
Only around the holidays.

Question 9/10
When do you arrive at a party?
15 minutes early
Right on time
5 minutes late
Whenever I feel like it...

Question 10/10
What time should a party start wrapping up at night?
10 or 11, I have a bedtime.
Whenever people start to leave.
1 AM or later
It ends when it ends.
Your red cup is probably only filled with water! Good on you. Unlike most people, you don't need alcohol to have a good time. When you go out or to a party, you want to enjoy yourself, not forget everything that ever happened. You stay hydrated, keep your cool, and never have anything to regret the next morning!

Just Water
Your red cup is likely filled with jungle juice! You're the type of person who is up for anything, including a mishmash of awful alcohols. Always down to have a good time, you don't question anything and just go with the flow. Even if you're not sure what's in your cup, you always have a good time!

Jungle Juice
Your red cup is likely filled with beer! You're always having a great time, but you're never too out of control. You like a bit of a buzz, being full on drunk isn't always your scene. A grounded and humble person, you don't need much to be happy or have a good time. A bit of good beer and some friends is the key to an amazing night!

Your red cup is most likely filled with vodka! Sneaky and complex, you're always down to have a good time. Though you're not the out of control drinker that some are, you definitely never turn down a good drink. A quiet observer rather than the center of attention, you're the type who is totally content just watching others make a fool of themselves.