What’s The First Thing You Would Say To A Stranger On A Deserted Island?

Question 1/10
First things first, are you a people person?
For the most part I'm a people person
I'm kind of a people person
I'm honestly not much for people

Question 2/10
Are you easily annoyed by people who aren't on your level of intelligence?
Yes this irks me
No I don't mind

Question 3/10
What would be your first priority after landing on a desert island?
Procurring food
Setting up camp
Getting a help fire going

Question 4/10
What would you not eat on a desert island?
I'd eat pretty much anything to be honest

Question 5/10
People would say that your best trait is your.....
Ability to charm
Sense of humor

Question 6/10
What would scare you most about being on the island?
The weather
The unkown creatures
Never being found

Question 7/10
What would you miss the most about being home?
My own bed
My pets
My family
Normal food
Good conversation

Question 8/10
What's your biggest pet peeve?
Loud chewers
Obnoxious laughter
Feeling watched

Question 9/10
Are you good at working with your hands?
No way

Question 10/10
The most important aspect of survival is....
Keeping yourself sane
Finding solid sources of food and shelter
Keeping your sense of humor
The first thing you would say to a stranger on a deserted island is, "Please tell me you haven't started talking to a volleyball yet!" The first thing you'd like to know about your new desert island friend is their level of sanity. No one wants to be stuck on an island with someone who's mind is already too far gone!

Please Tell Me You Haven't Started Talking To A Volleyball Yet!
The first thing you would say to a stranger on a desert island is, "Point me in the direction of the food!" You love food (who doesn't) and after crash landing on a deserted island, the first thing on your mind is some comforting food. Even if your new found desert companion has no idea what you're saying, it can't hurt to demand implicit proof of food!

Point Me In The Direction Of The Food!
The first thing you would ask a stranger on a desert island is, "Are there any other survivors?" There very well might not be anyone else on the island except you and your new companion, but your practical side needs details.

Are There Any Other Survivors?
The first thing you would say to a stranger on a desert island is, "So, uh, what kind of wildlife are we dealing with here?" Listen, you're first priority is knowing exactly what kind of dangers you'll be facing. If there's even a 1% chance of being eaten by a strange island creature, you'd like to know ahead of time.

So, Uh, What Kind Of Wildlife Are We Dealing With Here?
The first thing you woudl ask a stranger on a desert island is, "How did you get here anyway?" You're shocked to find another soul on the island, especially since you though you'd be the only one. Your first job is finding out how this person made it to the island.

How Did You Get Here Anyway?
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Say you suddenly become stranded on a desert island only to find out that you're not alone. What's the first thing you would say to a stranger living on the deserted island? Let's find out!