What’s Your 1940’s Name?

Elegant and demure, these 1940s names evoke the true sentiment of America's most iconic era. Do you know what your 1940s name should be? Will it be a total classic or something a bit more unique? Answer the questions ahead and reveal your 1940s name!

Question 1/10
Do you enjoy making small talk?

Question 2/10
Is it important for you to follow traditions?
Yes, definitely.
Not at all.

Question 3/10
What sounds like your idea of a good time?
Sipping tea in the garden.
A nice long hike.
Reading a good book.
Sleeping the day away.
Preparing a good meal.

Question 4/10
When it comes to fashion, do you strive to follow trends?
I like to be fashion forward.
I pick and choose.
I don't follow any trends.
I follow trends on accident all the time!

Question 5/10
What time do you typically wake up in the morning?
7 AM
6 AM
8 AM
9 AM
10 AM

Question 6/10
Where do you find meaning in life?

Question 7/10
What was/is your favorite subject in school?

Question 8/10
Do you prefer to go out or stay indoors?
I prefer to go out
I like to stay in
It depends on my mood

Question 9/10
What do you wish to be known for?
My charm
My creativity
My sense of justice
My kindness
My successes

Question 10/10
What builds character?
Hard work
A mix of each one
Your 1940s name is Mary! An old soul who has always loved to uphold tradition, you often feel like you were born in the wrong place and time. You'd much rather spend a quiet day in baking and cooking than going out on the town with your friends. To you, a quiet life is a good life!

Your 1940s name is Margaret! Strong and old school, you're not afraid to embrace an old fashioned way of living. While some are addicted to social media and iPhones, you still love gardening and knitting. Perhaps, all while sipping on some tea! You don't believe that life needs to be lived at a clip, which is why this strong 1940s name truly suits you.

Your 1940s name is Rose! Romantic and idealistic, you don't see the world as what it is but for what it could be. Though you're often nostalgic for the past and a bit of simplicity, you do see the romance in everyday life. Intelligent and artistic, you possess the very best qualities of a modern romantic woman.

Your 1940s name is Charlotte! Though you love a bit of tradition, you're not afraid to break the mold and make your own way in the world. You live life fearlessly and with aplomb, much like a modern 1940s woman would have done. You're the type of woman who would have worn trousers rather than a dress and held a job at the aircraft factory, just to support the boys abroad.

Your 1940s name is Adelaide! You're a complex and interesting woman who lives life on your own terms. Artistic and dreamy, you don't worry much about the status quo or fitting in. You make your own rules and live as any strong woman should. Much like this beautiful yet unique name, you're an old soul made for modern times.